How to Fix Logitech G435 Not Charging Issue

Logitech G435 is a solid wireless headphone in the mid-range segment that supports all devices with Dobly Atmos, Tempest 3D Audio Tech, and Windows and Sonic Spital compatible. It also comes with a USB C-type port that charges the device faster. Unfortunately, it also has an issue like other wireless devices. Many users are facing the issue where the Logitech G435 headset is having a charging problem. It can be quite frustrating when we can not connect our Bluetooth devices because of charging or battery issue. Although we usually put it on a power source after the headset is discharged, it won’t show charging. Here are a few methods to fix the issue that may work for you and get it back as normal.

Logitech G435 is a lightweight, affordable wireless gaming headset with peppy colors like Blue and Rasberry, Black and Neon, etc. Logitech is known as one of the largest brands in PC gaming accessories like Headphones, Keyboard, Mouse, etc. It comes with a 40mm driver that can respond up to 20000 Hz and works up to 10 meters of range and 18 hrs of playback.

How to Fix Logitech G435 Not Charging Issue

How to Fix Logitech G435 Not Charging Issue

Wireless headsets are one of the most important devices while playing games, listening to music, or watching our favorite content as they enhance the experience. But if it stops working or any other fault may spoil the mood, nobody wants to contact the care centre and explain the issue many times. So the below methods will help you out to fix this charging issue easily.

Basic Troubleshoot

Before going throw the below troubleshooting methods, it this nice to check if your headphones are functional or not. Sometimes it is possible that your headphones have got hardware damage and that’s the reason why they are not getting charged.

In order to check, connect the included 3.5 mm cable to the headset and test with a PC, Mac or mobile device. If you are able to hear the sounds, it means the headphone is functional and something is wrong with the charging.

Change the Faulty USB Cable

We charge our device from the USB cable, but we ignore checking our cable’s wire quality or fault. Most of the time, the USB cable is the reason behind the not charging of the headphones.

Check if the USB cable has any cut marks on the body or any torn wires as the USB cable has many delicate wires inside the cable, and the continuous use of the device damage the cable. Also, connect the Logitech G435 with another C-type USB cable and check if it is charging or not.

Charge Directly from Adapter

If you are also trying to charge the G435 headphone with the USB port of your system or the high-powered mobile charger, then it may not charge enough.

Try to put it directly to a 10-watt Adapter that you use in your old phone and leave it for some time and check if it is charging or not. However, there may be an issue in the USB port of your system that won’t allow the headphone to charge.

Test on Any Other Device

If you are bothered just because the Logitech G435 is stopped working on your PC, try using it with a different computer. There are chances that there is no issue with your G435, and the problem is within your device.

Check & Clean Charging Port

One of the main reasons behind the not charging of Logitech G435 issue is dirty or damaged charging port. We use headphones in our daily lives and put them here and there. And it may not charge due to a fault in your charging port or faulty connectors, or any foreign object blocking the dock from charging.

To prevent and fix the issue, clean the charging port with a clean cotton cloth. But be careful don’t force any pin. It may damage the port, or you may try compressed air to remove the foreign object in the headphones’ ports.

Change the Battery

Sometimes the battery is faulty itself, which may be why the headphone is not charging after trying the above methods. To check the battery level of the headphone, press and releases the power button once, and if it shows a green color notification, it means the battery life is between 30-50%, and if it is flashing red, then the power is less than 15%.

The device comes with two years hardware warranty. You may get checked and replace it from the official Logitech care or contact them from their official website for further assistance.

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