FIX: Logitech MK270 is not working on Mac

Many Logitech MK270 users have reported that the keyboard & mouse combo is not working on the Mac computer. Apple has equipped the macOS software to support third-party devices, but there is a catch. Users have Windows PC and Mac computers, and they can use the MK270 combo smoothly on the Microsoft software. Meanwhile, the Apple desktop software is not detecting the Bluetooth keyboard and mice. Let’s take an in-depth look at what’s happening with the Mac computer when connecting to a BT device.

Why is Logitech MK270 not working on macOS?

Online shopping websites have become the primary source of buying electronic products. I purchased most of the smartphones, tablets, TV, laptops, peripherals, and other from reputed online stores. I have given you a few valid reasons why Logitech MK270 is not working on the macOS operating system.


Have you read the MK270 keyboard and mic compatibility? I recently made a purchase online. I didn’t read the “What’s in the box” section. I didn’t receive the items I was expecting from the seller and later found out that the seller mentioned them in the “What’s in the box” section.

Most new buyers don’t read the specifications and other information listed by the seller. Offline buying is no good either since the buyers don’t take the time to take suggestions from the store representatives.

I have captured the screenshot from the official Logitech MK270 listing.

Logitech MK270 Compatibility Problems

The company didn’t mention Mac or macOS in the System Requirements section. In short, your keyboard and mice are not compatible with the Mac computer. Of course, I have shared a solution below and helped the Logitech combo connect with the macOS software.

Software Clutter:

Apple has optimized the macOS operating system for general consumers and content producers. However, I never came across perfect software after testing Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac. Many MacBook users leave the machine in sleep mode overnight and resume the next day. The computer doesn’t have to load the programs, apps, folders, and others every time you turn on the machine. Unfortunately, Mac software ends up in a dilemma after a while. Apple computer owners should take time and give the machine rest.

USB Receiver:

The MK270 has a Bluetooth USB receiver in the box for a reason. Your Mac is finding difficulty in recognizing the device. Even Windows and Linux sometimes have detection issues. There might be a problem with the USB receiver and drivers, who are having complications creating a communication line.

Incompatible USB HUB:

Apple has decreased the number of ports on the latest MacBooks. They have permanently switched to the USB-C and ThunderBolt technology. However, the consumers have USB-B devices like external drives, flash drives, peripherals, and Bluetooth USB receivers. My latest Windows laptop has USB-C ports, and I think the world will take some time to switch to USB-C technology. There must be a problem with the USB HUB and it could be creating the problem.

Corrupted Apple Drivers:

Yes, even the Apple drivers get corrupted. Don’t worry about breaking the system because you can fix the corrupted system drivers from the Terminal. I’m taking Bluetooth drivers, USB-C drivers, and more. Run a couple of commands in the Terminal, and the initiative will fix the rest of the Apple drivers.

FIX: Logitech MK270 Not Working on Mac Computers

The Lausanne-based peripheral company mentioned Chrome OS and Windows 11 in the product listing. Unfortunately, they didn’t write anything about macOS and Linux software. They didn’t write a single word about Apple’s desktop operating system tells us about the incompatibility. I have shared a roundabout method below to connect third-party USB devices.

Use Compatible Converter

You can find USB-B adapters to USB-C on online shopping websites. Buy Apple accessories from reputed brands. A high-quality USB-C adapter comes at a higher price, but you can connect multiple devices to the macOS machine. Many Mac owners invest in the USB HUB since the computer doesn’t have essential USB ports. Users can connect flash drives, external storage drives, and adapters.

a. Visit a nearby computer accessories store and carry your Mac in the bag.

b. Make the payment and purchase the adapter from the store.

c. Test the adapter right away.

You can confirm the MK270 connection affirmation in the store itself. USB-C Overall, USB-B adapters to USB-C make sense to resolve the problem.

Reboot Mac

When was the last time you shut down the Mac computer?

Many MacBook users don’t shut down the machine and put the Sleep Mode in use. Content creators have multiple folders, files, and programs loaded in the background. So the Mac owners put the machine in sleep mode, then woke up the computer the next day.

Close all background programs and save the unsaved work. We are going to give a quick reboot and end the session.

1. Click on the “Apple icon” from the top menu.

2. Click on the “Shut Down” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Confirm the action and click the “Shut Down” button.

4. Let your Mac turn off.

Turn on the MacBook or iMac after five minutes of rest. Let the computer sleep for fifteen minutes in the summer weather. Fives minutes of rest helps the internal components dissipate the heat and reboot the software.

Re-add Bluetooth Device

The operating system saves paired Bluetooth device cache in the system. Many things can go wrong when the BT device cache gets corrupted. Fortunately, you can delete the file permanently and create a new one. Remove the BT device, then add the same wireless peripheral later.

1. Click on the “Apple icon” from the top menu.

2. Click on the “System Preferences” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “Bluetooth” from the list.

4. Find your wireless peripheral.

5. Click on the X mark beside the connected device.

6. Confirm the action by clicking the “Remove” option.

7. Restart Mac.

8. Go to the Bluetooth list again.

9. Click on the “Connect” option after the wireless keyboard and mouse is detected in the system.

You have successfully added the wireless keyboard & mouse and created a new cache file. You can repeat the removal and add the wireless device to increase the success rate.

Connect USB Receiver in Secondary USB Port

Newer iMacs have multiple USB ports on the rear side, and the MacBooks don’t have the luxury. Remove the USB receiver from the computer and connect the small device to another USB port. The computer will recognize the device and starts utilizing the Apple support drivers. Use the USB-B to USB-C adapter and connect the MK270 to another USB-C port.

Reset Bluetooth Hardware

A terminal is a powerful tool in the macOS system. Users can stop the Bluetooth drivers and restart them for the new session. The rebooted driver dumps the old temporary files in the bin and creates new ones. Follow the tutorial to end the BT driver in the system.

1. Click on the Launchpad icon from the dock.

2. Search for the “Terminal” and press the “Enter” key.

3. Copy and paste the “sudo pkill bluetoothd” command.

4. Press the “Enter” key.

5. Restart Mac.

You have stopped the BT module in the macOS machine. Reboot the computer to end the session and start a new one. Do not remove the wireless keyboard & mouse and turn on the Mac computer.

Reset Bluetooth PLIST

Apple created the PLIST system to save the user’s preferences. System file corruption is a common problem in every operating system. The BT PLIST may have corrupted and caused the connection issues with newer devices. Users can delete the preferences file manually, and macOS will create a new file next time.

1. Press “Control” on the keyboard while clicking the “Finder” icon in the dock.

2. Choose “Go to Folder” from the revealed menu.

3. Copy & paste the “~/Library/Preferences/” destination in the search bar.

4. Go to the “Library > Preferences” folder.

5. Scroll down and find “” folder from the list.

6. Delete the PLIST file.

7. Restart your Mac computer.

Do not remove the MK270 from the system. The macOS will create a new PLIST in the next session. You don’t have to take action and let the Apple desktop operating system automate the process.

Factory Reset Connected Devices

Apple’s desktop software allows the users to factory reset the settings of the connected device. You can resolve firmware-related problems in the macOS. You don’t have to run commands in the Terminal. Connect all Bluetooth devices to the Mac computer. Follow the simple tutorial and reset the connected devices in the system.

1. Click on the “Apple icon” from the top menu.

2. Click on the “System Preferences” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “Bluetooth” from the list.

4. Select the “Show Bluetooth devices in the menu bar” option.

5. Click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.

6. Hover the mouse pointer on the “Debug” option.

7. Click the “Factory reset all connected Apple devices” option.

8. Click “OK” to confirm the action.

Wait for a few moments, then restart the MacBook or iMac. You have successfully reset the Apple devices, and try adding connecting the MK270 wireless peripheral to the machine.

It’s a miss or hit scenario

Don’t be upset when Logitech MK270 is not working on the Mac computer. It’s challenging to pair or connect wireless devices when the manufacturer doesn’t support them. The Cupertino-based company promises privacy to loyal buyers, and they added strong protection layers to prevent unauthorized access. Nonetheless, you can apply roundabout solutions to resolve the MK270 connectivity issues in the macOS machine.

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