Fix: Cannot Change Folder Background Color in Mac (macOS Ventura)

There are a few reasons why you cannot change the folder background colour on Mac. The latest macOS lets the users change the colour of the folder to recognize them faster. Many Mac owners have reported the problem and couldn’t solve the issue. We have compiled a list of solutions and changed the folder background colour.

Cannot Change Folder Background Color in Mac

Why Can’t I Change The Folder Background Color?

Apple controls the macOS in every way possible. Users cannot make many customizations in the operating system. The developers have made user-interface improvements to appeal to the software visually. However, they don’t let the users customize the system UI. Read the reasons for the limitations and what you can do about them.

Three Types Of Folders:

There are three types of colored folders on the Mac computer. I have explained them below. Read about it and understand what a colored folder indicates about the system.

The Limitations:

Mac allows the users to change the folder color but doesn’t have the option to change the background. You can try the workaround method to change the folder color. Let me show you the traditional and roundabout solution.

macOS Bugs:

Some functions don’t work because of bugs or glitches in the system. The in-house team release software updates to resolve the issues. However, I implore the readers to read the rules I laid before updating the software. You can save yourself from all sorts of complications in older Mac computers.

Outdated Mac:

Millions utilize the same computer for a decade or longer. The newer macOS version is not available for discontinued models. Apple supports machines for up to five years and leaves them behind after the promised period. You can go with the elementaryOS designed for Mac computers. The Linux operating system is fully functional and works smoothly on older machines.

Fix: Cannot Change Folder Background Color in Mac

There are some third-party programs available outside of the App Store. You can use third-party tools to change the folder colors. However, you won’t find them in the article because it requires a paid subscription. We don’t know how safe they are for privacy-concerned users.

Restart Mac Computer

Software bugs and glitches have inferred many operating system performances. Thousands leave the Mac computer in sleep mode and continue the session the next day. The hardware and software need time to reset. Kindly shut down your Mac.

1. Click on the Apple logo from the top menu bar.

2. Click on the “Shutdown” option.

3. Click on the “Shutdown” button on the screen.

The computer turns off completely. Allow the Mac to sleep for an hour for optimal performance. You can solve the software bugs & glitches temporarily.

What Does Folder Color Mean In Mac?

There are three types of default folder colors on Mac. Learn about them because they have a meaning behind them.

Yellow/Manila Default Folder Color:

a. Personal Folder

b. Owned by you

Blue Default Folder Color:

a. Collaborated or owned by someone in your enterprise.

Grey Default Folder Color:

a. Corrupted

b. Controlled and owned by someone outside of the organization.

c. External collaborated folder

Many grey folders were mistaken for corruption. Check the permissions of the folder and confirm the ownership.

How To Change The Folder Color Using Preview App?

The Preview app has some advanced features to alter the folder visually. Read the tutorial a couple of times, then apply them step-by-step. The success rate percentage depends on how many times you have gone through the tutorial and what you understood.

1. Select the target folder.

2. Right-mouse click and select the “Get Info” option.

3. Click the “Folder” icon.

4. Click the “Edit” option located at the top menu.

5. Click the “Copy” option.

6. Open the “Preview” app from the applications.

7. Click the “File” from the top menu bar.

8. Select the “New from Clipboard” option.

9. Click the markup tool.

The markup tool icon looks like a tip of a pencil.

10. Click the “Adjust Color” option.

11. Play around with the Tint, Temperature, Sepia, Saturation, etc.

Use the sliders to move around and adjust the color.

12. Press Command + C after achieving the color in the Preview App.

13. View the folder “Get Info” window.

14. Select the folder icon.

15. Press Command + V to paste the new color scheme.

The folder color changes instantly. Close the window.

How To Change The Folder Color?

You can add colored bubbles to the folders as tags. You can differentiate and identify the purpose of the contents inside faster. Let me show you how to assign tags to the folders in macOS.

1. Select the target folder.

2. Right-mouse click to view more options.

3. You will find bubbles in the menu.

4. Choose one color.

A colored bubble appears beside the folder name. You can modify or add multiple bubbles to the folders in the system.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why you cannot Change Folder Background Color on Mac. The macOS has limited customizations. Learn what you can do with the existing functions in the macOS. You can take the third-party tool road to achieve the results, but it may compromise your security. Installing apps from verified publishers decreases security concerns. Try to use a third-party tool from a verified publisher.

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