macOS Ventura Trackpad Issue: How To Fix?

The macOS Ventura trackpad is not working in the latest version. The users have shared that the built-in pad is not registering the clicks and gestures. The physical buttons seem unresponsive. Users never had the problem until they updated the software to 13.0 or later. We have compiled a list of solutions to solve trackpad issues in the Mac computer.

macOS Ventura Trackpad Issue: How To Fix?

Why Is MacBook Trackpad Not Working On macOS Ventura?

Apple has changed the System Preferences user interface in the Ventura edition. The company wants to sell the MacBooks and Mac computers to iPhone or iPad users. If you have an iPhone, then you know where most functions are. We will use the traditional method to resolve the trackpad issues. Of course, you should meet the service centre team for hardware-level issues.

Connect External Mouse:

You can buy a wired or wireless mouse for a few dollars. A $5 mouse works on the macOS Ventura. Use the mice to navigate the settings and apply the solution covered below. You can continue using the external peripherals because Apple repairs cost a lot of money.

Default Settings:

I enable two settings after upgrading to the new macOS software. The right-click and three-finger drag feature. Locate the options in the settings and turn them on manually. Upgrading the macOS version doesn’t affect the customized settings, but you should double-check it.

Trackpad Software Bugs:

macOS has bugs and glitches that the developers fix over the period. The closed-source project has in-house developers, and we rely on them. I have shown you a way to knock off the bugs temporarily.

Haptic Feedback:

The manufacturer removed the physical buttons from the built-in trackpad. The Taptic Engine vibrations mimic the button’s feedback and produce a similar experience. I have shown you how to disable TE in Ventura.

Hardware Failure:

Electronic components fail due to reaching end-of-life. We can’t blame the manufacturer or the machine owner. Reach out Apple service center to claim the warranty or pay for the repairs. I suggest readers buy an external peripheral and resolve the issue for a few dollars.

macOS Ventura Trackpad Issue: How To Fix?

We will run in-depth diagnostics on the Mac computer. We will scan Apple’s internal components to identify the issues. Open the System Settings and inspect the trackpad options using a mouse. Use a USB flash drive to create a bootable device and downgrade the software if necessary. Create a data backup using the Time Machine or external storage drive.

Connect A Mouse

Grab a branded mouse from a nearby store. The peripheral is needed to navigate the settings and solve the issue. Spend $5 or more on a high-quality wireless external mouse for a smoother experience. It will come in handy later on.

a. Check the compatibility label on the backside. The Mac logo should be on the packaging.

b. Buy a wireless mouse with a dongle. Check the dongle port and buy if you have the port on board.

c. Check the warranty on the peripheral.

Purchase a high-quality mouse if you don’t want to repair the MacBook in the future. Apple repairs break the savings after all.

Clean Trackpad

I don’t remember the last time I cleaned the MacBook Air. We use the trackpad the most. Clean the Mac computer and peripherals before you use them.

Follow the cleaning instructions below and remove dirt from the machine.

a. Grab a microfiber cloth. Keep the liquid out of the cleaning process because it can damage the components.

b. Wipe the trackpad using the cloth. Don’t use blunt objects to remove the dirt from tricky spots.

c. Be gentle with the components because they don’t stand a chance against brutal force.

d. Clean the Mac computer using a dry cloth.

e. Remove the peripherals and clean them as well.

Dust is the natural enemy of electronic components. My MBA had corrosion which played a role in burning the I/O board. Clean your Mac often to avoid problems in the future.

Enable Tap To Click

Tap to Click is not enabled by default. New Mac users won’t know about it. The trackpad buttons select and deselect the file. Let me show you how to turn on the TTC feature in the latest Ventura.

1. Click the Apple logo.

2. Select “System Settings” from the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll down.

4. Click the “Trackpad” option.

5. Find the “Tap to Click” option.

6. Click the button and enable the feature.

Tap any content or file to select or deselect. Close the window and enjoy the functions.

Inspect Trackpad Settings

A few changes in the trackpad settings can mess up everything. Check the default settings I have listed below.

1. Point & Click

a. Look up & data detectors (Enabled)

Tap with three fingers.

b. Secondary click (Enabled)

Click in the bottom right corner. I changed the setting to view more options.

c. Tap to Click (Enabled)

Tap with one finger.

2. Scroll & Zoom

a. Scroll direction: Natural (Enabled)
b. Zoom in or out (Enabled)
c. Smart Zoom (Enabled)
d. Rotate (Enabled)

3. More Gestures

a. Swipe between pages (Enabled)

Scroll left or right with two fingers.

b. Swipe between full-screen pages. (Enabled)

Scroll left or right with four fingers.

c. Notification Centre (Enabled)

d. Mission Control (Enabled)

Swipe up with four fingers.

e. App Expose (Disabled)

f. Launchpad (Enabled)

g. Show Desktop (Enabled)

Go through the default trackpad settings and confirm if you have changed anything.

Update Mac

The last macOS edition received over twelve software updates in twelve months’ time stamp. Yes, keep the Ventura updated no matter what. However, I never update the software on day one to give a few days for the world to test.

a. Apple adds a patch note for the users. Read the patch notes for in-depth information on what the company has done in the software update.

b. Let the experts test the new version on their Mac computers.

c. Watch or read reviews for clarity.

You can’t downgrade the software update. Many use the Mac computer as their primary machine. Do not install an update that can mess up the performance of your computer hardware.

Reset the SMC

SMC (system management controller) is a dedicated chip inside Intel-based Mac computers. SMC controls many components like MacBook battery, power management, connections, etc. The power distribution on the trackpad might be malfunctioning in the Mac. Reset the SMC and resolve the issues.

Apple Silicon:

The latest Apple proprietary chipset doesn’t have an SMC chip inside. The processor handles the SMC in the M1 or later chips.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro:

MacBooks released after 2018 have a T2 Security Chip inside. The macOS Ventura support begins from MacBook Pro 2017 to later versions. Follow the tutorial to reset the SMC on 2018 or later models.

1. Turn off the Mac.

2. Press and hold the right “Shift” key, the left “Option” key, and the left Control key for seven seconds.

3. Press & hold the Power button while holding the right “Shift” key, the left “Option” key, and the left Control key for another seven seconds.

The Mac computer turns on during the process. Keep holding the keys.

4. Release all keys.

5. Wait for a minute.

Turn on the Mac computer. A new SMC file will be generated during the boot.

Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro:

Most Intel-based Mac desktops have SMC chips inside. Let me show you how to reset SMC on a T2 Security Chip Mac computer. Read the tutorial twice, then apply it to your model.

1. Shut down your Mac desktop.

2. Press and hold the Power button for ten seconds.

3. Release the button.

4. Turn on the desktop.

You can try another method and remove the power plug after turning off the computer. Keep the power cord aside for ten minutes. Connect the cable, then turn on the machine.

Bottom Line

Book an appointment with the authorized service centre to fix the macOS Ventura trackpad issue. We can’t fix the hardware-level problems in the trackpad. Meanwhile, you can stick with the external mouse to avoid Apple repair costs. I use wireless mice with the MacBook Air, and it works fine. In the comment section below, let us know how you solved the trackpad issue.

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