Love Ball Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the latest game of the Pokemon franchise, released for the Nintendo Switch in November 2022. In the vast open world of Paldea, players can catch a wide variety of Pokemon, by playing the main story quests and beyond. You can make a collection of Pokemon in the game, both old and new. But first, you need to catch them.

To catch Pokemon, you need Pokeballs. They are different types of Pokeballs depending on how difficult it is to catch a particular Pokemon. If you’ve played other Pokemon games, you will already be familiar with them. However, one of the special Pokeballs in the game is called Love Balls, and you need to collect them. Let’s see where are the Love Ball Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Love Balls Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find Love Ball Locations

You can use Pokeballs throughout your Pokemon journey to catch the Pocket Monsters of the game. With the help of different types of balls, you will get various perks. Some of them help you catch a Pokemon faster by increasing your chances of catching it in one go. Others help you catch specific types of Pokemon.

As for the Love Ball, you can boost your chances of catching a Pokemon that is the opposite gender of the Pokemon you are using. It also has an aesthetic factor as it is a Pink Pokeball. You can choose to keep your pink Pokemon in Love Balls to match them. But first, let’s find out where you can find these Love Balls.

Some Pokeballs can be purchased at PokeMarts, or scavenged in the terrain of Paldea. Since Love Balls are a special kind of Pokeball, you will be unable to find them through these methods. There are two main locations where you can get your hands on the Love Ball, which we will mention below.

Porto Marina Auction House

You can get Love Balls at the Porto Marinada Auction House through the auctions. These take place daily in the Porto Marinada Market. Some items are selected to be the featured items on sale, and Love Balls have a chance to be auctioned. If you find one at the auction, you can place a bid for it. Note that you will need to win the auction by making the highest bid, and only then will you be able to take the Love Ball home.

If you haven’t unlocked the auction feature yet, you will need to complete the Cascarrafa’s Gym Challenge. You can find Kofu’s wallet and give it to him. Once the auctions are unlocked, you can bid for them. They change in real time depending on the time of the day. If you want to reroll these items manually, you can close the game and set the time forward on your Switch.

Academy Ace Tournament

The second way to get Love Balls is through Academy Ace Tournaments in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Once you have won a tournament, you will get many items as rewards. These rewards might include a Love Ball. The more tournaments you win, the more chances you will have to collect one of these special Pokeballs.

The Academy Ace Tournaments are endgame content, so you must play the entire main story of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You will need to defeat all eight Gym Leaders to unlock the Academy Ace Tournament. You will need to hone your skills to win, as you will be up against some of the most powerful NPC Pokemon trainers in the game. This includes staff and students of the Academy. To win the tournament, you must play four rounds and become the school champion.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Love Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While they are rare, if you keep checking the auctions and completing tournaments, you will have a supply of them in no time. You can use them to keep your aesthetically matching Pokemon or simply as a collection in your Inventory.

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