Where to find and evolve Diglett and Dugtrio in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a very interesting game where the players catch different pokemon with abilities and stats. They catch these pokemon, so that, they can perform ranked battles and Tera raids. There are a lot of things that the players can do in the game. The developers are always introducing new events in the game. This is making the game more exciting to play.

One of the things that the players have to do in the game is to find the pokemon and evolve them. By evolving the pokemon, it is upgraded to a different pokemon that has better abilities and stats. The players are now searching for the location of Diglett and Dugtrio and how to evolve it. In this guide, we have listed the location for both the pokemon and at what level they will be evolved. Continue with this guide till the end to know more about it.

Diglett, Dugtrio

Where to find Diglett in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

We are here with the location of Diglett in the game. Diglett is a mole pokemon that is of Ground type. The pokemon comes with some great abilities which are: Arena Trap, Sand Veil, and Sand Force. The stats of this pokemon is also great and it evolves into Dugtrio. However, if you don’t want to evolve into Dugtrio, then you can directly find Dugtrio in the location we will list below.


To find the Diglett, the players will need to go to a place where they can easily find land which has a lot of shadows. Generally, Diglett is founded in caves, but there are some other places too where you can find it. So the locations where you can easily find Diglett are listed below.

  • South Province (Area Two)
  • Poco Path
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • West Province (Area One) 
  • Asado Desert 

Where to find Dugtrio in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?


Dugtrio is a Ground Type pokemon which is the evolved pokemon of Diglett. The Dugrtrio comes with some great abilities that will be going to help you a lot in the ranked battles and Tera raids. Those who are not interested to evolve Diglett into Dugtrio can try to catch it directly by going to the location where it is easily available. To find the Dugtrio, the players will need to visit the following locations which are listed below.

  • Asado Desert 
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • Glaseado Mountain 
  • North Province (Area Three)
  • North Province (Area Two) 
  • South Province (Area Six)
  • West Province (Area Three)
  • Zapapico

How To Evolve Diglett into Dugtrio in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The players are confused that how they can evolve the Diglett into Dugtrio. But the players will not need to do anything to evolve the Diglett. They only have to reach Level 26 where the pokemon will be evolved into Dugtrio. This was it, once you have reached level 26, then the pokemon will be evolved.

Wrapping Up

The players are interestingly searching for the location to find the Diglett and Dugtrio. Along with it, they are also looking for the way through which they can evolve Diglett into Dugtrio in the game. In this post, we listed the location for the players where they can easily find both pokemon. We have also listed the steps through which you can evolve the pokemon. That’s it for today. See you in the next one.

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