MalwareFox for Android App Review: Decent Security for Smartphone

In modern times viruses and other malware are not just limited to computer devices. Cybercriminals always look for the medium with a vast user base to release their malware programs, so that the malicious files can spread quickly and cause maximum damage. 

Today there is no bigger medium than the Android OS in terms of the user base. This fact makes the Android most vulnerable to cyberattacks. Furthermore, since Android OS is open-source, there can be many security loopholes that could be exploited by the attackers.

MalwareFox Android App

Being an Android user, you should not keep your eyes closed as far as the security of your device is a concern. For that, you must equip your Android smartphone with an allrounder security app.

If you were looking for a security app for your Android device and got stuck upon the MalwareFox Antimalware App for Android, then this guide will help you to decide whether to go for it or not.

MalwareFox Android Antimalware: An Overview

MalwareFox is an antimalware application for the Android devices that protects your system from the various malicious files and programs such as Spyware, Trojans, Adware, and others. On the Google Play Store, it has been downloaded for more than 100 thousand times. It is compatible with Android version 4.1 and above.

The major salient features of the MalwareFox are:

  1. Apart from protection against the malware, it also supervises the user’s browser and protects it from the phishing attacks and malicious websites.
  2. Scans 250% faster than the other security programs
  3. Provides the real-time protection
  4. The Anti-keylogger feature prevents keyboards from storing your keystrokes and thereby protects your login credentials from going into the wrong hands.
  5. Frequently updated malware definitions and database.
  6. It detects and removes the PUAs from the device. Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) are the system apps which might not be harmful but unnecessarily occupy the system space.

MalwareFox Android App Interface

The interface of the MalwareFox Android app looks classy and quite straightforward. You would find all the essential features such as Fast Scan and Quick Scan on the main interface itself.

You can simply access to Whitelist and Settings options from the top.

MalwareFox Performance

Now let us check the performance of the MalwareFox scanning option.

The Fast Scan option would only check the essential apps and files of the system. When I tapped on the Fast Scan option of the MalwareFox app, it took one minute and twenty seconds to complete scanning the 107 files.


Next, I tried the Full Scan option. This option would thoroughly scan every file and application of your phone and SD card for any threats. Since I have a lot of data, I thought it would take a longer time to finish scanning. To my surprise, the MalwareFox app took only two minutes thirty-three seconds to finish scanning about 38,000 files and apps.

Clearly, scanning is as fast and accurate as the company claims. There was no issue with the phone while the app was working. I didn’t experience any lag or device hanging.

MalwareFox Android other Features

MalwareFox also includes other advanced features such as real-time protection, web protection, and anti-keylogger. To enable these, you have to navigate to settings using the menu button at the top.

After tapping the Settings, you will get the option to enable all those advanced features. 

Remember that to enable real-time protection and anti-keylogger, you have to get the license key. While the web-protection and other scanning options are free to use.

MalwareFox Android App Pricing

As mentioned, the basic features such as Fast Scanning, Full Scanning, and Web Protection are free to use on the MalwareFox app. However, to get the benefits of the advanced features like real-time protection, the user has to get the yearly subscription which is available at the minimal cost of $7.46.

Is MalwareFox Android Antimalware Legit?


Now coming to an important question – Is the MalwareFox application legit? Well, it is totally fair to raise such a question, as there is a flood of security apps in the app market, and most of them are fake.

To check the legitimacy of the MalwareFox app, I went through its user’s reviews and ratings. Currently, it is averagely rated 4/5 from 1,068 users. Apart from it, there are many positive reviews as well.

By seeing the ratings and reviews, the MalwareFox antimalware Android applications seem legit, safe, and effective.

Final Words

For maintaining safety as well as the performance of the device, a security app must be robust enough to detect and remove the dangerous malicious applications and files. Apart from that, it should also be light-weighted, so that the device performance is not compromised while scanning, and even the low-end device holders can afford that app.

For me, the MalwareFox Android app fulfills all the above requirements. Even after being strong enough to catch the unknown malware files, it doesn’t bother my 2GB RAM Android. Also, unlike other apps, it won’t prompt you to get the pro version. Although, I would recommend getting the pro version of MalwareFox Android for complete security.

Though it doesn’t come bundled with the extra features such as password vault, firewall, etc., it is perfect in doing what it is meant for, i.e., catching the smartphone malware and providing the overall protection.

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