How to See and Manage Linked Devices in Signal

The signal app has become the hot favorite secure messaging application for folks around the world. Do you know that you can link multiple devices to your Signal account? Normally, you install the app on your smartphone and use the registered number for making communications. Later, let’s say you want to link devices such as your iPad or laptop on Signal. Then you can even send and receive the messages on these devices from your contacts.

The idea is simple. You may not be holding your phone 24*7. If you are working on your iPad or computer then you can easily receive messages on Signal directly on any of these devices. That doesn’t mean that at one time you can access your signal account from multiple devices. You can do that either from your main smartphone on which you registered for Signal. Otherwise, if you have linked your iPad or laptop, then you can view and send messages on them as well.

How to Link Devices on Signal

First, let’s see how to link any auxiliary device on the Signal messaging app. You have to do this using a QR code. If you ever used WhatsApp or Android Messages app on PC, you will understand the process is entirely the same for Signal as well.

    • Open Signal
    • On the top-left corner of your profile, tap on your profile picture
      Open Signal profile
    • Then select Linked Devices
      linked devices on Signal
    • If earlier you haven’t linked any devices, then you won’t see anything
    • Tap on the + sign to link devices [this step will initiate the QR code scan process]
  • Next, you have to open the browser on your PC/laptop/iPad whatever you are using
  • Go to [because I want to link my Windows laptop]
    Download Signal for Windows
  • Click on Download for Windows
  • Let that dot exe file for Signal setup download. It would be around 120 MB.
  • Once done, automatically a QR code will show up on your laptop screen
    QR code
  • Back to your smartphone, tap on the aforementioned + sign
  • You will see the camera will open up with a message saying scan the QR code displayed on the device to link
    scan the QR
  • The scanning will barely take a second or so
  • A confirmation pop-up will notify you that your PC signal will be able to read all the messages you receive on your smartphone
    link devices to Signal account
  • To comply and proceed tap on the option Link device
  • Then confirm the name of your linked device and click Finish linking phone [this step on your PC]
    confirm device you are linking to Signal

Now, you can easily use Signal messaging services right from your PC.

Unlinking a Device

In case you wish to unlink any existing devices that are linked to Signal, here are the steps you should follow.

  • Launch Signal app
  • Tap on the profile picture to open the menu
    go to Signal profile
  • From the menu tap on Linked devices
    go to Signal Linked devices
  • You will see the device linked to your Signal
    Linked devices on Signal account
  • To unlink simply tap on the device name in the list
    unlink a device from Signal
  • confirm the action by tapping OK

So, if you want to link various other devices to your main Signal account, then this guide will help you out. Without having your phone with you all the time, you can still receive messages on your linked devices.

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