All Golden Shores Locations in Maneater: Landmarks, License Plates, and Nutrient Caches

With each region, there are native apex predators to look out for, like giant squids, alligators, and even other sharks. Winning against these predators will earn players additional rewards. Another element to look out for are the bounty hunters. Maneater hosts several bounty hunters who will attack and kill the shark once the players reach a certain level. In this guide, we are going to look at some locations of golden shores in Maneater as well as landmarks, license plates, and caches. But before everything, let’s talk about the game a little.

Maneater is an action RPG released from Tripwire Interactive. It is released across all major gaming platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4  in May 2020. The Nintendo Switch will receive the game in the latter part of 2020. The game is set in an open world and features a female bull shark that exacts revenge on a shark hunter. Played in a third-person perspective, players assume the role of a blood-thirsty bull shark that explores the seven regions of the open-world and complete the missions. The shark is equipped with a few attack modes and can charge and whip at enemies. It can even use the surrounding to its advantage, like using a swordfish as a spear. Pretty neat huh? Additionally, the shark can also wreak havoc on humans along the coastline and destroy boats and yachts. Now without any delay let’s get started with our guide.

All Golden Shores Locations in Maneater: Landmarks, License Plates, and Caches

The players can roam around as the shark and feed off other animals in order to grow. As the game progresses, players will be able to evolve from a baby shark to a complete megalodon. The shark can be upgraded with several advanced abilities like external bone plates and some dangerous electromagnetic spikes.

Golden Shores is one of the maps in Maneater that shows all the collectibles locations. All in all, there are about 35 of them with 8 landmarks, 10 license plates, and 17 caches. Like always, most of them are fairly easy to locate but there are a few that are much harder. Not to worry, that’s what this guide is all about.

Golden Shores Locations

Compared to other areas, there are fewer landmarks in Golder Shores. All 8 of them can be seen marked as pins in the map below.

All Golden Shores Locations in Maneater: Landmarks, License Plates, and Caches

  1. Ruined Weekend – Located in the Southeastern corner, it is a truck carrying erectile dysfunction medication that has almost sunk. Someone’s not too happy about that ;)
  2. Anger Management – From the Southwestern entrance, move a tad bit North-East and you’ll find a golf cart next to a few broken gold clubs.
  3. In the Rough – Located West from the very last underwater hole on the golf course.
  4. Day Drinkers – Located up North, this is just a pile of sunken golf cars.
  5. So Happy – This one is located on top of the water level towards the West and is a couple of hockey sticks next to a golf car.
  6. Water Hazard – Head South from ‘So Happy’ landmark and you’ll find a huge pile of golf balls.
  7. Golf Man – Located at the Western corner, this is a statue compromising of golden golf clubs.
  8. Tiger in the Woods – The final landmark is at Southwestern corner and is a crashed car through a billboard.

License Plates in Golden Shores

In Golden Shores, there are 10 license plates in total. Each of them requires that the player jump out of the sea and smash them. The license plates are marked with the small license-plate icon on the map.

Remember to keep the angle of approach and speed in mind when smashing the license plates.

Nutrient Caches in Golden Shores

Unlike other areas, there are more nutrient caches in Golden Shores. Specifically, there are 17 of them.  The caches are marked with the greyish chest icon in the map and are fairly easy to spot, as they are decked out with red lights.

So there you have it. All you need to know about all the Golden Shores map with its landmarks, license plates, and caches.

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