Maneater: Many users are experiencing game crash Save File missing

Maneater released just a day ago for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The open-world shark game allows players to take control of a female bull shark and over the course of the game, it will evolve to an adult megalodon. Players who’ve managed to get their hands on the newly launched game have already begun their journey munching and chomping on humans and other fish. However, as more players have begun to play the game, they are noticing a major issue.

Frustrated gamers are taking to Reddit to voice their concern over a bug that seems to delete their saved file. In most situations, players are reporting that the game crashes. And after the crash, their saved game is missing. The Maneater missing save file problem seems to be affecting users on the PS4. At present, there are no reports from PC or Xbox One gamers that have a similar issue.

Maneater missing save file issue

Maneater missing save file issue on PS4

Since there are no reports from users on other platforms, we are left to assume that the Maneater missing save file issue is only affecting PS4 users. As more gamers are beginning to play Maneater, the reports of the problem are increasing. For example, one user reached level 17 in the game only to come back later and find their saved game missing.

Save Glitch Major Bug from maneater

Needless to say, such an issue in the game will leave many fans disappointed. Moreover, Tripwire Interactive — the developers of the game are yet to address the problem. Even though multiple reports are popping up, the developers are silent about the issue. Affected users might have to wait until a patch is released to fix the Maneater missing save file issue.

It’s worth noting that not all Maneater players on the PS4 have experienced the problem. Therefore, it’s not clear what might be leading the game to crash and delete the saved game. Until then if you are playing Maneater on the PS4, we’d suggest you be cautious. Stay tuned to GetDroidTips to be updated regarding the situation.


  1. I have been really enjoying MANEATER, I just cannot get enough of it. I got really far into the game was 7 hrs in got upto level 19, then my game crashed and went to the blue screen with the error code it gives you, I then reloaded the game back up only to find that my save data had corrupted, I was truly annoyed by this 7 hrs all gone. I have started the game all from the beginning again I am now at level 27 only couple more level ups and I will be at Mega stage. I have this time backed up my save data just in case it happens again, which I hope it doesn’t, but MANEATER is an absolute blast I am really enjoying it so much I just cannot stop playing it. I highly recommend the game, the developers just need to bring out a patch fix to resolve ppl losing the save data.

  2. We are having the same problem. Whenever we die or if we turn the off and come back to play later we’re having to start the whole game over again from the beginning. When the shark dies it respawns as the mother shark at the beginning of the game. We are playing from a download on Xbox One. Please help

  3. Oh it’s happening on Xbox too!! Just went from level 11 to level 6 after it crashed!! Hours of gameplay gone!

  4. This horse shit happened to me after 40-50 something outs of play most collectibles complete, Power ups powered up, level 30 and making Mega shark rank. I cannot express the extreme amount of frustration, being QA myself, I know without a doubt it was an issue they found and the developers decided to ship without fixing it because it was happening on a single platform and they wanted to make the release date, quality be damned.

  5. How do u get ahold of these people? My game has been deleted 2 times now in the exact same area and level you’re talking about this is bullshit

  6. I was a level 7 teen shark and just lost my whole save file! I really hope they fix this issue soon!

  7. User Smokey_Panda 13 on playstation network. I first started on my partners profile and made it to level 10 before the game seemingly froze and my data was restarted.
    Restarted on my user played for about a week made it to level 20 and just reached the grotto in the gulf. With over 60+ hours of game play. I took a days rest came back to play and the main load screen with 0hrs and 0mins was displayed. Needless to say I was angry as this bug happend twice. Yet we got to keep our “progress trophies” I hope you address this issue quickly. Bought is digitally downloaded and right now I’m uninstalling it as its NO USE to play at the moment.

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