Microsoft OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

The Microsoft OneNote is an advanced note-taking tool. You can use this tool to gather notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. Since OneNote makes it possible to share and collaborate with other users, it has become a vital tool for content creators. The tool is available for major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. But you can use it more efficiently if you know all about OneNote Keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac PC.

The most efficient way of using Onenote is using the keyboard shortcuts to do things quickly. Hence in this article, we are going to give you the most used keyboard shortcuts to make your work more efficient.

Let’s divide all those into categories for better representation. So I’ve included Windows shortcuts. Most of them will also work with Mac OS. But for some shortcuts, I’ve included the mac method alongside the windows shortcut. Be sure to try them.

Microsoft OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Microsoft OneNote Keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows

Creating and Inserting

  • Create a Quick note: Ctrl+Shift+M or WinKey+Alt+N.
  • Create a new page: Ctrl+Alt+N,  Mac:  Command+N
  • Create a new subpage: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N.

Insert the following

  • Hyperlink: Ctrl+K.
  • The current date: Alt+Shift+D, Mac: Command+D
  • The current date and time: Alt+Shift+F, Command+Shift+D
  • The current time: Alt+Shift+T
  • A line break: Shift+Enter, Shift+Return
  • Document or file on the current page: Alt+N, F
  • Document or file as a printout on the current page: Alt+N, O
  • Show or hide document printouts on the current page (when running OneNote in High Contrast mode): Alt+Shift+P
  • Picture from a file: Alt+N, P
  • Picture from a scanner or a camera: Alt+N, S
  • Screen clipping: Windows logo key+Shift+S

Editing and Formatting

  • Copy formatting of the selected text: Ctrl+Shift+C, Command+Option+C
  • Paste formatting of the selected text: Ctrl+Shift+V, Command+Option+V

Apply or remove the following formats to text

  • Bold, Italic, and Underline for selected text: Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U.
  • Strikethrough formatting: Ctrl+Hyphen (-)
  • Superscript formatting: Ctrl+Shift+Equal sign (=), Command+Shift+Option+Equal sign(=)
  • Subscript formatting: Ctrl+Equal sign (=), Command+Option+Equal sign(=)
  • Bulleted list formatting: Ctrl+Period (.), Add Asterisk(*) before your text.
  • Numbered list formatting: Ctrl+Slash (/)
  • Heading 1 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+1
  • Heading 2 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+2
  • Heading 3 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+3
  • Heading 4 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+4
  • Heading 5 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+5
  • Heading 6 style to the current note: Ctrl+Alt+6
  • Clear all formatting applied to the selected text. (Apply the Normal style.): Ctrl+Shift+N

Working with Tags

  • Apply, mark, or clear the To Do tag: Ctrl+1
  • Apply or clear the Important tag: Ctrl+2
  • Apply or clear the Question tag: Ctrl+3
  • Apply or clear the Remember for later tag: Ctrl+4
  • Apply or clear the Definition tag: Ctrl+5
  • Apply or clear a custom tag: Ctrl+6
  • Apply or clear a custom tag: Ctrl+7
  • Apply or clear a custom tag: Ctrl+8
  • Apply or clear a custom tag: Ctrl+9
  • Remove all note tags from the selected notes: Ctrl+0

Working with Tables

To create a table, press the tab after typing the text. Now you can press enter(or return) to insert new Row and press the tab key to insert a new column.


So here are some most used keyboard shortcuts for Onenote users. There are plenty of shortcuts available for using OneNote, but these important ones will let you get started. Apart from these, your standard text editing and navigation shortcuts will work while editing text.

For instance, you can use Ctrl+arrow keys can help you to move word by word. Also, you can use the Home or End keys to navigate to the start or end of a line, respectively. So use these shortcuts and improve your productivity to a greater extend.

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