Microsoft Teams Error Code 6: How to Fix?

Microsoft Teams is a great new collaborative software which big organization uses to distribute work and other office projects to their employees. The platform is such a great tool to get things done. With audio, chat, file sharing support systems, users can easily do their work-related works easily. However, Microsoft Teams is facing a new Error code 6 issue where users cannot log in to their working portal or do any other work at all. This creates a hindrance in workflow and can cause massive work damage. In case you are facing the same issue, then you are not alone. The issue of Microsoft Teams Error code 6 is faced by hindered users. The issue lies between installation files. So we will help you troubleshoot and fix the problem easily.

In most scenarios, the Microsoft team’s Error code 6 arises mainly because of the poor configuration of software files. As a part of the solution, the easy way to fix the issue is to reinstall Microsoft Teams software. However, there are many methods to fix it, too, which we will discuss below.

Microsoft Teams Error Code 6 How to Fix

Microsoft Teams Error Code 6: How to Fix?

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing, meeting, chatting, and collaboration workspace application. However, the app has some bugs; users often encounter errors in Microsoft Teams. One of the Errors that randomly appears is Error Code 6. There is no definite reason for the error to occur. However, unstable internet connections, memory-consuming apps running in the background, and restricted permission are a few of the possible reasons.

You can easily fix Error Code 6 in Microsoft Teams. Even more, the solutions are really simple and less time-consuming to go through. Therefore, read the following solutions mentioned below to fix Error Code 6 in Microsoft Teams.

Restart Microsoft Teams

If you face Error Code 6, then the first thing you can do is to Restart the Microsoft Teams app and check if the issue is resolved. To restart Microsoft Teams, simply exit from the app by clicking the quit icon at the rightmost corner of the screen. Click on the Microsoft Team icon to launch the app. It is that simple to restart.


Signing Out and Signing In in Microsoft Teams

Step 1) Click on the User icon at the top of the app.

Step 2) Select the Sign Out option from the drop-down menu, and you will be signed out.

Step 3) After you have Signed out, Teams will automatically load to the Sign In page. Enter your email id, click on the Next button and type your Microsoft account password. You will be logged in. Now, check if the issue is resolved.


Disable Non-essential apps  running in the background


Non-essential apps might be consuming the RAM and CPU, hence causing the Microsoft Teams Error code 6 issue. Therefore terminate or end process the apps that are running.

Step 1)  Type task manager in the windows search bar and click on the Task Manager option to open it.

Step 2) If you are not on the Process tab by default, click on the Process tab.


Microsoft Teams Error Code 6 How to Fix

Step 3) Scroll down and locates the non-essential apps running on your system, right-click on the app, select the End process option, or just select the app and click on the End Process button at the bottom of the window.

Checking Microsoft Teams Permission Settings

Permissions play a vital role in the generation of most of the Microsoft Teams errors. If you wish to solve Error 6 problems, then do check the relevant permissions.

Step 1) Launch the Microsoft Team app as an Admin.

Step 2) Click on the Teams apps option.

Step 3) Select the option Permission policies, and check for any fault permission or restrictions that can be the reason for the error; try to tweak the policies a little. You can edit the policies by click on the add button.

Checking For Updates

Microsoft Teams is big collaborative software, and it also might get random bugs from time to time. It’s great that Microsft keeps relating new updates and patches to is all possible errors. So it is wise to update the app to the latest version as it will fix most of your Microsoft Teams Error 6 problems.

Step 1) Open the Microsoft Team and click on the User icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2) A drop-down menu will appear; click on the check for updates option.

Microsoft Teams Error Code 6 How to Fix

Step 3) A new window will appear; if there is any update, it will show the result in the message bar.

If you cannot update, then check the tour guide on How to Update Microsoft Teams on Desktop & Mobile.

Clean Reinstalling of Microsoft Teams

Sometimes the error lies between the installation files and cannot be fixed with additional methods. The easiest way to solve it is to uninstall the software and reinstalling it.

Step 1) Simply go to Installed programs and fine Microsoft Teams.

Step 2) Right-click and choose the uninstall option. Follow the on-screen instruction to remove the software completely.

Step 3) Now install Microsoft Teams as you normally would.


Microsoft Teams is great software, but every great software is not perfect. So it might end with a few errors and problems from time to time. Thankfully, Microsoft Teams do release updates and patches, which fixes all such problems. If you are also dealing with some issues similar to Teams error code 6, you can check out our Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting guide to fix most problems yourself.

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