Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in your PC

In this guide, we will check out some of the useful Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts for your PC. As of late, we are witnessing quite a surge in video conferencing apps. Due to lockdown, you might have to stay at home, but the professional works couldn’t take a break. In this regard, there are many apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, Google Meet, and others that people are turning their attention to. Along with that, we are also seeing the introduction of new apps as well. Microsoft Teams is one such app.

Although a relatively newer entry to the list, it is still on par and in some aspects even better than the apps we mentioned above. The app, despite holding a plethora of features, still provides a pretty easy user experience. Along the same line, it comes with keyboard shortcuts keys that make your work easier and faster. In this guide, we will be sharing some of the best Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts for your PC. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

microsoft teams keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of the most useful Microsoft Teams’ keyboards shortcuts to complement your work. Do make it a habit of integrating these shortcuts into your daily usage of the Teams app. Not only will it make your work easier but it will also save you a lot of time. With that in mind, here is the complete list.

Search Shortcut

microsoft teams search

If you are having a conversation with multiple people across various channels, then searching for a particular message is no easy task. This is where the Search shortcut will come in handy. Use the Command + E keys on your Mac or Ctrl + E on Windows PC. This will open the Search box, type in the desired keywords, and hit Enter.


Start a New Chat

microsoft teams new chat

To start a new chat, there are two ways of doing so. The longer route involves heading over to the Chat menu and clicking on the Compose button. The shorter route involves using the Command + N on Mac or Ctrl + N on Windows as the Microsoft Teams’ keyboard shortcuts.

Sidebar Navigation

Sidebar section of the Teams apps contains some pretty useful options. And rather than using the mouse pointer, you could directly access them using the below Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts:

  • To access the Main menu: Command + 1 on Mac or Ctrl + 1 on Windows
  • Go to Chat menu: Command + 2 on Mac or Ctrl + 2 on Windows
  • Head over to Teams menu: Command + 3 on Mac or Ctrl + 3 on Windows
  • Access the Calls menu: Command + 4 on Mac or Ctrl + 4
  • Access the Files section: Command + 5 on Mac or Ctrl + 5

Attach a File

attach file

Being a Microsoft product comes with its cloud storage service (i.e OneDrive). You could upload, download and perform other such actions on these files using the Command + O Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcut on Mac or Ctrl + O on Windows.

Audio/Video Calls

This might be the most used Microsft Teams keyboard shortcut. Making audio and video calls are the main objective as to why people use this app. So instead of following the longer route, you could use the Ctrl + Shift + C on Windows or Command + Shift + C on Mac keyboard shortcuts to make audio calls. For the video calls, you could use the Command + Shift + U keyboard shortcut on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + U keys on Windows.

Accept Calls

To accept an incoming audio call, use the Ctrl + Shift + S shortcut on Windows or Command + Shift + S keyboard shortcut on your Mac. Likewise, to pick up a video call, Ctrl + Shift + A on Windows or Command + Shift + A on Mac should do the job for you.

Reject Calls


Just above we discussed the Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcut keys to accept a call, let’s now check out the shortcut keys to reject one. If you are in the middle of some important task and don’t wish to pick up the call, then there are two things that you could do. Either use the red button to decline the call or simply hit the Ctrl + Shift + D on Windows or Command + Shift + D keys on Mac to cancel the call.

Mute Your Voice

During calls, be it audio or video, there might be an instance or two where you would want to mute your calls. To do so, use the Ctrl + Shift + M keyboard shortcuts on Windows or the Command + Shift + M on Mac.

Emoji menu

emoji menu

If you wish to express yourself using emojis, then the app has some cool looking ones. But using it via the usual emoji icon is too mainstream, don’t you all think so? In this regard, you could then make use of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts. For Mac users, use the Control + Command + Space keyboard shortcut and for Windows 10 users, the Windows + period key (.) keys should do it for you.

Commands Menu

microsoft teams command menu

Teams come with tons of useful commands that allow you to carry out your desired task using just a single keyword. To access the Commands menu, use the Command + / on Mac or Ctrl + / on Windows PC and then enter the desired command. Some of the most useful commands are mentioned in the next section, do go through it.

Useful Microsoft Teams Commands

First of all, let’s check out some of the General Commands for Windows. The first column signifies the actions, the second is the associated Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcut for its Windows app whereas the third column contains shortcuts for the Web version.

Show keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+Period (.) Ctrl+Period (.)
Go to Search Ctrl+E Ctrl+E
Show commands

Ctrl+Slash (/)

Ctrl+Slash (/)
Goto Ctrl+G Ctrl+Shift+G
Start a new chat Ctrl+N Left Alt+N
Open Settings Ctrl+Comma (,) Ctrl+Comma (,)
Open Help F1 Ctrl+F1
Close Esc Esc
Zoom in Ctrl+Equals sign (=) No shortcut
Zoom out Ctrl+Minus sign (-) No shortcut

Now, here are some of the Microsoft Teams’ keyboard shortcuts general commands for macOS. Again, the first column signifies the Actions, the second is the associated Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcut for its Mac app whereas the third column contains shortcuts for its Web version.

Show keyboard shortcuts

Command+Period (.) Command+Period (.)
Go to Search Command+E Command+E
Show commands Command+Slash (/) Command+Slash (/)
Goto Command+G Command+Shift+G
Start new chat Command+N Option+N
Open Settings Command+Comma (,) Command+Shift+Comma (,)
Open Help F1 Command+F1
Close Esc Esc
Zoom in Command+Equals sign (=) No shortcut
Zoom out Command+Minus sign (-) No shortcut
Return to default zoom Command+0 No shortcut


So with this, we conclude the guide on Microsft Teams keyboard shortcuts. We shared around 10 of the most important shortcuts for you all. Apart from that, we have also shared some useful Commands for both the Windows and macOS platform. Do let us know which one of these shortcuts you find to be most useful. On that note, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that might help you out as well.

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