Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings: Guide

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative and communication-based software for both business and personal use. The app is a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription. The tool is the successor of the popular skype for businesses. So, with improved features and options, the MS Teams platform is gaining popularity. Now the app is available across all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Linux users can also use the web version with almost all the features. With teams, you can conduct meetings, video chat, voice calls, maintain Microsoft Teams pop-out for chats and meetings,  and even contact telephone numbers using VoIP and PSTN protocols.

Some features of Teams are worth mentioning, let’s recall them real quick. Features like seamless integration with office apps, enterprise-grade security is an added advantage over other competitors. You can share and edit documents, PowerPoint presentations in realtime. Also, outlook integration will prove to be a helpful feature. Because of it, one can send an invitation for meetings directly from the app through outlook.  A person can create a meeting and can also invite people outside of the organization to join the meeting. This will be helpful in industries where people can communicate with suppliers or distributors for business activities.

As normal features go, it supports making voice or video calls and conducting meetings. Meetings can be scheduled. Persons have to create teams within the app. This team includes a group of people, who are involved in the topic or discussions. For instance, a class from 10th can create a team for them and add class 10 students to it. Teachers can give assignments to certain members of the team and share course material within the class team.

Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings Guide

What is Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Chat?

Pop-out chat can open a one-to-one or group chat in a new window. With this feature, it is easy to navigate through chats, when there are many chat instances going on. Now, there is no need to switch back and forth between chats to be able to reply. As Pop-outs open as a new window, you can use the Alt+Tab or Windows+Tab to cycle through them at ease.


Also, it also allows us to resize, move, and minimize the window. So, you can move them and position them as per our convenience. But, be informed the feature can open many conversations in a new window but will not open the same conversations or chat, twice. But why would we need to open the same chat twice??.

How to Open a pop-out chat in Microsoft Teams

There are various methods available to open a chat in a new window. So, let’s see them all, with steps.

Method 1: From the Chat window:

Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings Guide

  1. Select Chats from the left side of the Teams app.
  2. Click on More options (the three dots) and click on Pop-out chat.
  3. As a result, the chat will open in a new window.

Method 2: Hovering over the chat:

  1. Open the chats tab from the Teams app.
  2. Hover the mouse over the chat you wish to open in the new tab.
  3. Finally, click on Pop-out Chat when prompted.

Method 3: From within the Chat:

Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings Guide

  1. Open the Chats tab in the app.
  2. Now, Click on the chat you wish to use.
  3. Finally, from the chats interface, click on open Pop out from the top right corner.

Method 4: Using the Profile picture:


Double click on the chat you wish to chat in a new window, this will immediately open the chat in pop-out mode.

Method 5: Using the command:

Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings Guide

Did you know that the Teams app supports commands? These commands will be useful to work with the app quickly. To open a chat in Pop-out mode,

  1. Type in /pop in the command box and press enter.
  2. Now select the chat you wish to use and click on okay.

Method 6: Using the windows

Microsoft Teams Pop-Out Windows for Chats and Meetings Guide

As mentioned above, you can easily manage the windows and arrange them as per our needs. For this purpose, the minimize, maximize, and close icons are available on top of the window, as in a normal app. We can arrange the Tabs using keyboard shortcuts like Windows+Arrow keys to move windows within the screen use the mouse to resize the window. But, the most interesting feature is that it can be arranged into different desktops too. Pressing Start+Tab will open Desktop manager, you can add Desktop and arrange the windows into another desktop.

Pop-out chat feature is not yet available in the web version, people who don’t have the client app cannot use the feature for now. Especially those who run Linux OS on their PC.


So, to sum up, these were the five methods of opening a chat in pop-out mode. But one cannot find all the features and options on the pop-out window. For instance, features like attaching Onedrive files and scheduling meetings are not present there. To use these features, the user can open the main window and use the familiar interface without closing the chat window. But these features may be added in the upcoming updates as the app is updated regularly, and new features are coming real fast into the platform.

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