How to Use Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter Utility

Windows OS from Microsoft comes with a lot of helpful features. One such utility is the Windows Troubleshooter. If you are having any trouble with the download and installation of updates, then this tool will come in handy. In this guide, we will briefly discuss this feature.

We will tell you how and where on your PC/laptop you can find the troubleshooter application. Normally, a user may get some kind of error code while trying to download or install a newly available update. With this tool, he can find and fix the error that is not allowing the installation to take place.

Windows OS

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Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter

A user can also download the Windows troubleshooter depending upon whichever Windows OS he is using. In this post, we have put up the download link for the troubleshooting utility based on Windows 10 and Windows 7/8. You do not have to download it compulsorily.

Only download it, in case you do not find the Windows troubleshooter option on your PC/laptop. Usually, this tool is inbuilt into the Settings of the device.



  • Update Troubleshooter | Download | Windows 10
  • Update Troubleshooter | Download | Windows 7/8

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How to Use the Update Troubleshooter Feature

Now, let’s tell you how you can access and use this feature on your Windows PC/Laptop.

  • Press Windows +I to go to Settings
  • Then click Update & Security
    Access Windows Troubleshooter
  • Then on the left-hand side, click on TroubleShoot
    Windows Troubleshooter
  • Next, you should see a section called Get Up and Running
  • Under that, there is an option called Windows Update. Click on it.
    Troubleshoot Windows Update
  • Now, adjacent to Windows Update a button called Run the Troubleshooter should pop up. Click it.
    Run Windows Troubleshooter
  • Now, click Close after you’re done.

That’s all you need to do. The Windows troubleshooter will handle the issue from here onwards. You will be notified of the issues detected by this tool. It will fix and repair the corresponding error on your PC.

So, that’s how you can make use of the Windows troubleshooter utility from Microsoft. If you have any issues regarding installing updates or anything, do try out this tool.


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