Download MindTheGApps 11.0 Package For Android 11 [Best for Lineage OS – Mind The Gapps]

Today, we have the official Mind The Gapps 11.0 Google apps file for the Android 11 custom ROM. This gapps file is officially recommended by LineageOS 18.1 or any Android 11 custom ROM.

Finally, MindTheGApps is now available for download. It is supported on Android 11, Android 8.1 Oreo, and Android 9.0 Pie. Those who dabble with custom ROMs you must have observed how ROM developer always suggest using the GApps pack they provide with their ROM. Needless to say, compatibility is a big reason why they suggest doing so. Also, developers will not be able to guarantee a stable running of the ROM if users install different GApps packages instead of using the recommended pack.

Below we have discussed why MindTheGApps is mostly suggested by the LineageOS developers. LineageOS 15.1 was not compatible with the OpenGApps during the release of the first build. So, MindTheGAppsis the primary GApps that accompany LineageOS 15.1, Lineage OS 16, and LineageOS 18 or higher. MindTheGApps is maintained independently by XDA developer javelinanddart.

Also later in the post, you can find the official download link to get the latest MindTheGApps.

Why MindTheGApps Is Recommended..?

In a package that hasn’t been tested by the developer, there can be issues occurring on using it. It may lead to the crashing of Apps. The same is the case why OpenGApps is not suggested by Lineage developers. Also, OpenGApps are more supportive of the device for which the ROM was originally intended. So, using OpenGApps on a custom ROM pack (LineageOS in this case) may cause the breaking of certain Apps. A good example of the same would be any ported App modded to be used on other devices than the original.

Open GApps does not support the upcoming backup tool v2 in LineageOS as of now. Backup tool v2 is a new version of an already existing tool in LineageOS that is useful for back up and restoring /system add-on files.

Download MindTheGapps 11.0 | Recommended officially for LineageOS 18 or higher

Here is the direct link to download the MindTheGApps 11.0 package for Android 11 R.

Download MindTheGApps 11.0

Download MindTheGApps 8.1.0/9.0.0 Package For Android Oreo Custom ROM

Here is the direct link to download the MindTheGApps 8.1.0 package for Android Oreo.

Download MindTheGApps v8.1.0 For Android Custom ROMs Download MindTheGApps v9.0.0 Pie For Android Custom ROMs

How To Install MindTheGApps Package

It’s quite simple to flash the latest MindTheGApps. After you flash the required custom ROM, simply flash the GApps provided by the ROM developer through the recovery. That’s it.

So, that’s pretty much about it. So, remember the points above and only flash the GAps that your custom ROM developer provided.

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  1. I followed all instructions without incident but NO GApps appeared on reboot even though the flash process completed successfully.

    Why would this be? Please advise. Desperate, as Open GApps failed several times and had error popups.

      1. Lineage OS 15.1 Oreo I is the current ROM I’m using. Tried complete wipe, clear cache/dalvik, reflash. Still no GApps installed. I don’t get it. I have more than enough space for them and no problems with the ROM or it’s operation. ANY help and guidance is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

      2. Lineage OS 16 zip not working GApps i tried 9.0 and 8.1 arm GApps & arm64 GApps and arm&arm64 GApps not working my mobile moto z2 forece

  2. Funciona bien y es compatible con el modelo samsung gt-i9060??.Tengo este modelo y quiero probar la rom de lineage os 16 basada en android 9 pie, para este modelo. Muchas gracias.

  3. Google Maps and Yandex can not find GPS position..Gmaps also crashes frequently..Dont know what to do..Do you have any any tips for us? Thanks in advance..

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