How To Find And Use Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

Many players are asking how they can find and use Crying Obsidian after the Minecraft Nether update. The answer to this is one word is to trade a Piglin.  We have prepared a separate guide on that. You can go and check that out. However, this guide is special in its own way, to know, readout.

Here we will cover how to find and use Crying Obsidian in Minecraft. So without wasting any time, let’s jump into our complete guide.

How To Find And Use Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

How To Get Crying Obsidian In Minecraft?

Crying Obsidian is an imminent block, which is available in the nether update snapshots. It is a decorative block that is used to create respawn anchors. It is currently available through trading with a Piglin, Ruined Portals, and Bastion remnants.

In Baston Remnants Trading with a Piglin

It is a new structure added to the Nether the 1.16 update.

So, where can you find the Bastion remnants?

It is a structure found in the Nether in the crimson forest, warped forest, soul sand valley, and the nether waste ( the only exception assault deltas). It is composed of 4 different structures the bridges, hoglin stables, housing unit, and treasure room. The bridge is a large wall structure with a Piglin carved into it.

The Piglin looks like a zombie pigmen, and it is a bipedal pig creature. It can be found in the new crimson forest biome; they are typically found in groups with adult piglins wielding either a gold sword or crossbow and often wear gold armor pieces. Baby variants can also be found. They are extremely hostile and will attack you unless you are wearing gold armor, which will act as a form of camouflage. You can use soul fire torches and lanterns to keep the piglins away.

You can also trade with them using gold ingots. To trade with an adult Piglin, you can either right-click on them with the gold ingot or throw ingots on the ground. Piglins will then become passive and pick it up before throwing a different item back to you. There are a variety of different items piglins will trade for gold ingots, some of which are rarer than others. The items that piglins will trade for gold will never include bricks, mushrooms, and rotten flesh. While rarer items include pork, shrimp, and fire charges, Piglins will also be willing to trade, including ender pearls, obsidian, and magma cream, among other items.

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Ruined Portals

This portal was an ancient ruin it generates in every biome in the overworld, and the Nether you can find it underground, underwater, and on the surface of the overworld. Natural terrain around the room portal will turn into Netherrack. This means that now Netherrack can be generated in the overworld. If they generate underground, they will have air pockets around them.

When portals generate underground, the terrain will be higher or level to the top of the structure. In the nether ruin, portals generate between Y layer 32-100. In cold biomes, the lava in ruin portals was replaced with Netherrack.

When generating on the ocean floor, ruined portals have Magma block to replace lava. This creates a downward bubble column. The frame of the ruined portal is composed of Obsidian and crying Obsidian.

Crying Obsidian can only be used to craft respawn anchors and can’t be used in a nether portal. Some of the portal frames in the ruined portal can generate as flat. In the overworld, ruined portals generate with stone, stone brick, and iron bars. In nether, they are composed of Blackstone variants and chains. There are a total of 13 different versions of a ruined portal, 10 are normal-sized, and 3 are giant-sized.

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How to Use Crying Obsidian

The only official use of the crying Obsidian is to combine it with glow stone in a crafting bench. Six Crying Obsidian to be combined with three glow stones creates a special new block called the respawn anchor. This tool is used to set you to respawn in the Nether and will explode if you used it in the overworld.

You can refuel it with glowing stones for a maximum of four charges, and it’ll ensure that you don’t land all the way back in the overworld after a ghast ball catches you off guard. The light level of these blocks will also change when you are placing more glow stone into it, effectively making it a powerful nether lamp.

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