Minecraft Phantom Membrane | How to Get?

Minecraft Phantoms do not serve many purposes of their own. However, it can be added to other potions or to repair the rare Elytra wings. You will get a phantom membrane as a gift after killing a Minecraft Phantom. The phantom membrane is a portion of Minecraft Phantom’s Skin.

Now, how you can get Minecraft Phantom membrane? If you are looking for an answer to this question then you are in the right place. Here we will guide you with obtaining phantom membranes in Minecraft.

Minecraft Phantom Membrane | How to Get?

How to get Minecraft Phantom Membrane?

The only way to get the phantom membrane is to kill Minecraft Phantoms and loot them. Besides, you need to find or summon phantoms in Minecraft to loot the phantom membrane. In addition to this, the phantom membrane quantity varies from 0-4 per phantom. We will share some methods to find phantoms and collect the phantom membrane.

Locations Where Phantoms spawn

Phantoms usually spawn during thunderstorms or at night. Standing outside in the open with no blocks overhead will encourage phantoms to appear in the sky. However, their main motive to spawn is to make you their midnight snack. Avoid their attacks and defeat them to collect phantom membranes.

Summoning Phantoms

Thankfully, there are some cheats that can help you summon phantoms wherever you want. You can use cheats by creating a new world and using cheats through the new world options. However, make sure to enable ‘Allow Cheats’ options.

In addition to this, keep in mind that phantoms can be summoned at night only. Type “/summon” in the cheat windows to summon Phantoms. This is the easiest and most effective way to collect phantom membranes.

Keeping Minecraft phantoms at bay

Minecraft phantoms are afraid of cats. So keeping a cat close by them will help to keep them at bay. Besides, if you want to handle the phantom by yourself, then make sure to survive the fight until the sun rises because, phantoms skin burns by sunlight, making them weak.

Phantom membranes can be used to repair and brew some potions in Minecraft. Make sure to collect them whenever you get the opportunity.

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