Best Minecraft Prison Servers (March 2023)

Minecraft has been a famous game for a long time. The game is getting more popular day by day. We all know it is because of the game’s features. Like the other games, Minecraft provides the users with the feature to roleplay on the servers. The players love to do this, and they are always looking for some server where they can play the game. The Minecraft Prison Servers is one of them. The players are very excited to play the game in the Minecraft Prison Servers, so we are here with the best Minecraft Prison Server for March 2023, which you will surely love to try.

Minecraft Prison Servers

Best Minecraft Prison Servers (March 2023)

We have listed the Best Minecraft Prison Servers so that you can experience another level of gaming with them. Minecraft is a very famous game for the time being. It leads the users to do different things in the game. We hope you will love the servers we will list in the article.

1. MineMalia


MineMalia is one of the best servers for the prison that you will surely love to play with your friends. This server has a lot of different custom plugins through which you can set up your prison and customize it according to your need. The server comes with different modes that the players can play with the help of the cracked Minecraft version. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable, we list the various game modes you should play on the server.

  • Arcade
  • Bedwars
  • Creative
  • Duels
  • Factions
  • Kitpvp
  • Lifesteal
  • Oneblock
  • Skyblock
  • Skywars
  • Survival

In this server, you can start by mining in the game. After it, you can sell those blocks using the sell signals, by which you can earn some cash and level up your stats. You can also use different commands to teleport from one mine to another. You will be going surely love it. Try this server at:, and check whether you like it.


2. Cosmic Prisons

This is another best prison servers that players can indeed play on Minecraft. You will find the helpful and friendly staff on this server runs it. The community of this server is also much more active, so you will not get bored. The server also has the discord server, so when you think to chill, go there. Once the players have joined the server, the players will be ready to play with you and have fun. The server has been prevalent and famous among users for a long time.

Cosmic Prisons

In the prison server, you will find a lot of custom items through which you can make the game more interesting. The more you play the game, the more you will top the leaderboard. There are different game modes available, so make sure to try them. You can try out this server at: Check whether you like it.

3. MCHub


You will love this prison server if you are looking for servers with a great community. The prison server has an active admin team who are always there for the members. The server has many plugins and customization that are very easy to use. The plugins are also unique, so you will surely love them. In this server, the players are very helpful to each other. Along with it, some famous YouTubers are also playing actively on this server. On this server, you will be able to find different game modes, gameplay, etc., that you will surely love. You can try this server at:

4. OPBlocks

This is another server you will surely love if you are looking for something unique. You will know the rules on this server if you have to play on it. The community also loves new members; however, you have to ensure that you are not spamming, exploiting glitches, or doing something that harms the server. If you don’t do any of the listed things, you will be able to be on the server without any issues.


The best thing about this server that we have got to know is the community. The community is always there to help newcomers with any queries. On the server, you can build anything without restrictions in the plot world. So, this will be excellent for those players who love to build. Apart from it, you will get some other stuff listed below.

  • The productivity will be increased by servants who will automatically mine for currency.
  • The players will be able to own private mines.
  • You can get money by selling objects from the plots available at chest shops.
  • You will also be able to make candies in the candy factory. It will give a unique advantage that can benefit you in PvP or mining.


You can try this server at

5. PurplePrison

Purple Prison

PurplePrison is another great Minecraft server for players. When you will join the server, you will be a New Inmate. You have to grind hard to level up the stats. In prison, you will see rival gangs at war with different prisons. If you have to survive on the server, you must make your gang or join a gang. On the server, you can explore different things in the game. The whole server is purple-themed, and you will surely love it. Apart from it, you can also get different ways to make money through gambling. There is also some black market available so that you can go there. You can try this server at:

Wrapping Up

Minecraft is a fascinating game, and the players always look for different ways to explore it. The servers are one of them. With the help of the server, you can roleplay in the game. Regarding roleplay, the players are very interested in the Minecraft Prison Server. It is one of the best servers for roleplay, as it gives a lot of things to do. In this post, we have listed the best Minecraft Prison Server for March 2023 that you will surely love to try. We hope you can find the best Minecraft prison server for you. That’s it for this guide. See you in the next one.

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