How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

There are mainly two types of players in Minecraft one just focuses on armor, battle, enchants, etc., and the other ones are concerned with decorative blocks to create a space worth living worth. However, one of the most popular blocks for this is terracotta, including its all variants. Meanwhile, many of our viewers don’t know how to make it in Minecraft.

If we are talking about the natural generation, bare, white, yellow, brown, red, orange, and light grey terracotta, then it can be collected from different badlands biome. Although these biomes are very rare, you need to do mining because it is efficient if you want to gather terracotta. So, let’s see how you can make Terracotta in Minecraft.

How To Make Terracotta In Minecraft?

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

There are mainly two ways to make Terracota in Minecraft.

Open the Furnace menu

The first step is to just open up the Furnace menu.

Provide fuel to the furnace

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

Add some fuel to your furnace to give it some energy.


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Drop in the clay block

Now, add the clay block to the topmost part of your furnace. You will notice some flames that will indicate the burning of the clay block. You need to wait till the clay block turns in the Terracota. Keep in mind not to turn off the furnace while the Terracota making is still in process. When the Terracota’s burning process has completed successfully, you will find it in a box to the right of the screen.

Moving the Terracota to the inventory

Your new Terracota is ready for use. Move it to your inventory. Once you move the Terracota to your inventory, you are free to make use of it. Once it is there in your inventory, you can dye it any of the 16 colors you like. To achieve this, add eight blocks of Terracota to a dye of any color of your choice. 

How to get Terracota naturally?

You can find Terracota in red, orange, light grey, brown, white, yellow as well as uncolored in the badland biomes. The badland biomes contain Terracota in huge numbers. Players can also find blue and orange Terracota in the desert pyramids. If you are an explorer, you will even find the light blue Terracota in the warm underwater ruins. 



To create terracotta, you first need to obtain a clay block. Clay can easily found near rivers, shallow waters, swamps, etc. You can simply dig up the clay and then put each set of four clay back all together into the clay blocks, or you may also use silk touch enchanted items such as a shovel.

Once you successfully made the clay blocks, you will need to cook them in the furnace in eight stacks because it is the best option. After furnacing, you will get Plain terracotta as an output material.


You can dye the terracotta, like wool, concrete blocks, and glass. Remember one thing you will require one dye for every eight terracotta you dye. However, it can only be dyed if you placed one dye in the center of the crafting bench surrounded by all the remaining eight squares with terracotta.


Interestingly, the dyed terracotta can be cooked a second time in the furnace. The purpose of second-time cooking is to create one of 16 unique glazed terracotta blocks. From pink arrows to cyan creeper faces, these blocks can give your Minecraft home extra beauty. You can use them as an individual or organized them into different four-block design styles.

However, you cannot be able to glaze the plain terracotta. If you are looking for something that spices up your Minecraft home, then terracotta is for you. It is the perfect decorative block out there in Minecraft.

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