Motorola Edge+ Display Issues Acknowledged, Possible Fix to be Released Shortly

Last Updated on July 11, 2020: The $1000 device Motorola Edge+ display issue is literally getting so much hype these days. The Lenovo-owned Motorola Forum Moderator has mentioned that there are several plans to fix the particular issue. However, if the issue won’t fix then the replacement units will come into play. You can check the source page here. However, the troubleshooting and fixing process may take some time.

However, we’re expecting that a software patch fix will gonna fix this issue most probably. Otherwise, the unit replacement needs to be done according to Motorola.

The Motorola Edge+ is Motorola’s first mainstream flagship smartphone to be released after a couple of years. After focusing on the mid-range market for a few years, Motorola now aims to take on the premium segment once again. The phone screams premium and its specifications are on power with any flagship launched this year.

Not only does the phone come with the 2020 flagship standard specs, but it also brings along a unique design. The 90-degree curved edges of the screen offer an immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, the display also supports a 90Hz refresh rate. And while it’s no 120Hz refresh rate panel, it still is a noticeable improvement over the standard 60Hz screens.

On paper, the 6.7-inch 90Hz OLED display on the Motorola can be compared to some of the best smartphone displays in the market. However, it seems some users aren’t too pleased with the display on the device after using it for a few weeks. Early reports from Motorola Edge+ owners indicate that the display has various issues.

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola Edge+ Display Issues

These issues range from dead or dark pixels, purple spots, random screen freezing, and even a green tint. The aforementioned problems are major ones that do take away from the user experience. Similar issues are being reported by users on various platforms which leads us to believe that the problem is widespread.

Motorola Edge+ Display issue
Motorola Edge+ Dark Pixels near the edge (Source)

As you can see from the image above, there are noticeable dark pixels towards either edge of the display. Fortunately, an administrator at Lenovo’s community forums has acknowledged the problem. Here are a few lines from the statement: “Yes, we don’t recommend replacing the phone. It won’t help. However, there is a software update coming. It still needs to go through lab test before it can be distributed, but it does address this specific problem. In my personal experience, it does the trick.”

With this information, we do believe that Motorola will be releasing a software update to fix the problem. However, it’s still unclear what will happen if an issue is the result of a hardware defect. Users will have to wait for the OTA update to arrive to see if the problem is fixed. According to the administrator, the update might take “more than a week, but far less than a month“.

Unfortunately, in another response, the admin claims that the green tint issue, in particular, might not be fixed with the update. Although, there might be a follow-up update to take care of the green tint problem. Since this is a developing situation, we suggest staying tuned to Get Droid Tips for further updates on the matter.

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