Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

In today’s digital age, the manner in which we consume entertainment has been transformed with the rise of online movies and TV shows. While many opt for subscription-based streaming platforms, a significant number still prefer to use movie download sites to access their favorite films. Fortunately, there are numerous movie download sites available where you can indulge in cinematic experiences without spending a dime. This piece will highlight some of the best movie download sites available for free.

With the advent of various OTT platforms and streaming websites, watching your cherished films is a breeze. However, the premium subscriptions on these platforms can be a hindrance for some, as exclusive content is often behind a paywall. If shelling out for these subscriptions isn’t in your plan but you’re eager to watch the latest flicks, turning to movie download sites on the web might be your best bet.

For those in search of the ideal website to download films without any charges, this article has got you covered. We will delve into the top 12 movie download sites where you can find everything from Indian and Korean films to mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. So, if cinematic entertainment is what you crave, read on to discover the best free movie download sites to kickstart your next movie marathon.

Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

The Internet offers a plethora of websites for you to watch free movies online, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. If you are a movie enthusiast and are seeking some classic films, recent releases, or niche-specific movies, the blow websites can serve as a valuable resource for a fulfilling and enjoyable movie downloading experience.

It’s essential to note that while the below list of websites offers free downloads, copyright laws, and intellectual property rights must be respected, and users should always ensure that they are downloading content legally and responsibly. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for your violation of copyright laws in your particular country or region.


As the name suggests, CleverGet is really clever. This website allows you to download movies for free. CleverGet can also become your video downloader that can download movies up to 8K resolution.

Adding on to these features, CleverGet allows you to download movies from some paid services like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, and other websites, if you have a paid subscription.


A website that holds all types of movies from today’s generation to your parent’s generation. This website has also a tab for the category, and you can use it for filtering out your favorite movies. The best part of using is that it can be used in your mobile web browser too.


Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

YTS, you must have heard about this if you are using the Internet for a long time. YTS is a torrent website that holds thousands of movies that is too of different genres. Downloading movies from YTS is very easy and convenient. Also when you use your mobile browser you can save data as it optimizes the quality of the movie to save your data.


O2tvseries allows you to find and download your movies that are arranged in Alphabetical order. The movies on this site are updated daily which makes this site very easy to use. However, the constant ads are a bit annoying but you are getting movies for free. Adding on to that, O2tvseries also has WWE videos to entertain their fans.


Yes, you read that right. Youtube is still the best free website to watch movies for free. However, you can not find all your favorite movies but there are some production houses that upload their movies on their Youtube channel for the viewers which is too for free.

If you are lucky, you can also find some random Youtuber uploading recent movies. You can download these movies on your mobile application.


Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

AzMovies is an entertainment website. As the name suggests you can find all the movies here starting from the letter A to ending with the Letter Z. The User Interface is also very attractive and user-friendly. You can use the category tab to browse through your favorite movies of your favorite Genre.


The best website to download movies in high definition. Toxicwrap has a simple UI, and all the movies on the website can be downloaded in high definition.

The ads on this website are not too frequent but there are some ads. If you are looking for a website that holds High Definition movies, this website is just too good for you. The original website is closed now, but you can still download movies using the new link.


A website that lets you download your movies for free, and that is too free. 1337Xmovies has movies that are updated daily, and the movies offered by this website are of high definition. This website is optimized for mobile web browsers too.

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No clickbait, no payment page. Fmovies allows you to download any movie for free. Fmovies has a collection of more than a thousand movies starting from old age time to recent times. The website is very famous and all the movies are arranged in a nice and systematic way.


Top 12 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

A very similar movie website that holds all the movies in high definition. The only thing that makes MoviesFlixter website different from the others is, this website also gives you a piece of information about the movies you are about to download. It also gives you the best-rated movies of all time.

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ThePirateBay is a torrent site that holds all kinds of movies from mainstream to regional. You just have to visit ThePirateBay and search for your movie. Once the result gets generated you can use a torrent client to download this movie and that is totally free.

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Kat.Cr (Kickasstorents)

One of the best torrent Websites to find anything on the Internet. It was banned in some countries but you can still access this website by using the proxy given on the Website. This is the biggest torrent network o download your movies at will.


This brings us to the end of this guide for the top 12 best websites to download movies for free. There are many more Websites available, but you can use the above-mentioned Websites to download your favorite movies. All these websites may contain ads, and it is advised to use Adblocker to block those ads. But you need to make sure that the website support adblockers; otherwise, you have to disable the adblocker to use the Website to download your favorite movies.

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