Multiversus Superman Guide: Perks, Skins, and Abilities

MultiVersus has gained a lot of popularity after its launch. There are a lot of characters available in the game. Users are searching for their perks, skins, and abilities as these are the most important part to win the game. In MultiVersus, Superman is one of the characters available in the game. He has special powers that can be used against his opponents to fight with them. Along with it, Superman comes with some special moves, perks, skins, and abilities that you might not know. We are here with the guide where we will list the all important things that are required for you to know about Superman.

Multiversus Superman Guide


Best Superman Moves, Perks, and Abilities for the game

Superman is a Tank class character in the game. He belongs to the planet of Krypton. His parents sent him to space after several disasters struck in his home planet. After it, he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent and was raised under them. When he grew up, then he got to know about the powers. He used them to fight enemies. As he got to know about his home, he did not leave Earth because he wanted to protect Earth from the bad evils.

Due to all this, this character is portrayed in games and comics. That’s why, In MultiVersus, we are seeing him as a character. He is one of the most powerful characters. However, you should have knowledge of the perks, moves, and abilities of Superman, so that you will be easily able to use his all powers in the game perfectly. So, let’s start with his moves first.

Multiversus Superman Guide

Ground Moves

Here are the ground moves of Superman.

  • Super Punch: The super punch is a charged armored forward punch that Superman uses on the enemy to give damage.
  • Kryptonian Kombo: It is a combo of rapid punches.
  • Overhead Strike: This is another move where the armored hammer swings upward.
  • Downward Swing: Superman charges an armored arching down that breaks the armor of the enemy.

Air Moves

Following are the aerial moves of Superman.

  • Bullet Barrage: This move is similar to Kryptonian Kombo. However, in this, Superman attack the enemy with three rapid punch.
  • Flying Swing: Superman uses a fast-forward swing on the enemy.
  • Up and Away!: It is an upward punch similar to the Super Punch.
  • Falling Haymaker: This will charge a downward punch on the enemy.

Special Moves

Here are some of the special moves of Superman characters in the game.

  • Heat Vision: Superman uses his laser vision through which the laser projectiles travel to hit enemies on the ground. It knocks the enemies upward. He uses his armor for this move.
  • Aerial Heat Vision: It is similar to the Heat Vision, but Superman doesn’t use the armor in this move.
  • Go Long!: In this Superman lunches upward by grabbing any enemy with which he comes in contact. After it, he throws the enemy in a direction.
  • Ice Breath: It is another special move by Superman. In this, he uses ice breath that pushes enemies and applies ice on them. As the ice increases, the enemies are slowed down and get frozen.
  • Locomotive Charge: It aims a reticle at the enemy. When released, he will go to that location with a powerful punch.
  • Meteor Liftoff: Superman goes upward in the air, and after it, he comes to the ground and attacks the enemy resulting in give high damage.
  • Ten-Ton Tackle: In this, Superman flies forwards and while flying he grabs the enemy if he collides with him. After it, he flies for a short distance, then he punches the enemy forward.

Superman Perk List

Here are the perks of Superman which are in the game.

Offense Perks

The Wildcat Brawler is one of the offense perks that will help your team in dealing with 5% increased damage through the melee attacks on the ground. You will unlock this perk when you reach Mastery Level 7.

Defense Perks

There are different defense perks available for Superman. You can check them below.

Kryptonian Skin

The Kryptonian Skin is another perk of Superman through which your team receives 4% reduced damages that are given by the opponents. You will get this, once you reach Mastery Level 4.

Clear the Air

This perk will help your team to destroy the enemy’s projectiles by dodging them. This perk will be unlocked when you will reach Level 13.

Signature Perks

Here are some of the Signature Perks that you will get in Superman.

Flaming Re-Entry

This Superman perk ignites the enemies and leaves a firewall on the ground. It will be unlocked at Mastery Level 8.

Sniper Punch

The Sniper Punch perk will increase the Superman punch range. Along with it, it will give a lot of damage and will be great to use at long distances. This perk will be unlocked at Mastery Level 10.

Break The Ice

This perk is different from others. In this, Superman deals with additional damage to fighters by Ice. The additional damages are given by the stacks of ice. It will be unlocked at Mastery Level 12.

Utility Perks

Check out some of the utility perks of Superman.

Triple Jump

The team will receive an extra jump after hitting the opponent in the mid-air. This perk will be unlocked when you reach Mastery Level 2.

Last Stand

The team will deal with 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage. It will be unlocked at Mastery Level 11.


Multiversus Superman Guide

As every character has their own skin and emotes which make them special in the game. Superman comes with his special skins and emotes too. Some of them will be unlocked when you reach mastery level whereas you have to buy the others.

  • A Job For…: It is a profile icon skin that will be unlocked once you reach mastery level 14.
  • Superman Badge: The Superman Badge is another skin that you will get when you reach mastery level 15.
  • One Million: The one million is the special skin of Superman. You can unlock it by using 1500 Gleamium in the game.
  • Announcer Pack: You can get the announcer pack of Superman by using your 100 Gleamium in the game.
  • Push Ups: It is an emote of Superman which you can get by using your 500 Gleamium.


This was all for this Superman Guide. We have listed all the important moves, perks, and skins of Superman. Along with it, we have mentioned some special moves which you can use while fighting with the enemies. I hope you have got a lot of information from this guide. If you have some tips for the characters then do share them in the comment section below.

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