Fix MW3 Golden Enigma and Ivory Not Unlocking in Zombies

When compared to previous CoD games, Modern Warfare 3 actually runs quite smoothly. Even so, we occasionally receive error codes. Generally, errors render players unable to join matches or even enter games. Since the launch of the game, a number of players have reported that the MW3 Golden Enigma camo doesn’t unlock in Zombies.

When you grind to get a camo you want so badly, only to find out there’s a problem blocking you, it’s always frustrating. However, here you’ll learn everything about the camo, how to unlock it, and how to fix the Gloden Enigma not unlocking bug. So, make sure to continue reading the guide.

Fix: MW3 Golden Enigma and Ivory Not Unlocking in Zombies

How to Fix MW3 Golden Enigma Not Unlocking Bug

It is required to complete the first four camo challenges and unlock the Astray, Murk Glitch, New Strain, and Mud camo choices in order to unlock the Golden Enigma. You must kill 100 zombies and extract the weapon you choose in order to unlock the Golden Enigma in the second part of the challenge.

There is not much difficulty in achieving this in Zombies mode. To get exfil, simply stay at the exfil and call. Many players that have attempted the camo have failed to get it due to hundreds of zombies spawning at that point. Does the kill farming at the exfil not count, or is there a problem with the camo?

Thankfully, you are not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, Treyarch acknowledged in a tweet and on their Trello board that there is a bug with the camo. But, in case, even after applying the above methods, you are still unable to MW3 Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies, then make sure that there isn’t any issue from your side; you must check out these methods until officials fix this error.

What Are Some Necessary Precautions That You Need To Try In Order To Fix MW3 Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies Error?

So, here are some fixes that you can try to resolve the MW3 Golden Enigma not unlocking in the Zombies error:

Fix 1: Restart the game

In order to fix Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies, all you need to do is relaunch Modern Warfare 3. If you’re successful in getting into the game without experiencing this issue, we hope you don’t encounter it again. Here’s what you need to do:

  • On your Xbox or PlayStation controller, press the home button to return to your main console screen.
  • Choose Modern Warfare 3.
  • Then click Start.
  • Click on Close Application.
  • It is necessary to restart Modern Warfare 3.

Fix 2: Check the Modern Warfare 3 server status

Your problem might not be on your end if you’re facing the Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies problem. Instead, something may be wrong with the Modern Warfare 3 servers. Therefore, you must check the server status.

Infinity Ward’s Twitter page or Activision Support’s Twitter page are good places to start. You’ll need to wait for the developers to implement a fix if the issue is with the servers.

Fix 3: Check Your Connection

If Modern Warfare 3 shows Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies and the servers are good, close the game and use a web browser to determine if you are connected to the internet. Close all unnecessary programs running in the background, and check your connection’s speed with a speed test.

Fix 4: Change Your Type Of Connection

It might be helpful to try changing the type of connection you are using if nothing else has worked so far to fix Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies. It is usually more stable to use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection. Also, you can use a VPN or connect to another network to eliminate other possibilities.

Fix 5: Relink your Activision Account

To fix the Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies issue, we must unlink and then relink our Activision account. You may get this if your connection has expired or if there are some temporary glitches. If there is an issue with the connection, it can be fixed by removing it and then adding it again. To unlink and then relink your Activision account, follow these steps.

  • To access the official website of Call of Duty, go to
  • To sign in, enter your login credentials and hit the Login button.
  • You can access linked accounts by clicking your Username and selecting LINKED ACCOUNTS.
  • Once you link a service, you will be able to see the entire list of services.
  • Unlink the service you cannot connect to by clicking the Unlink button.
  • Relink the account once you have unlinked it.

As a final step, verify that the issue has been resolved.

Fix 6: Create a new Activision account

Whether you’re using a computer, PlayStation, or mobile device, you can create an account. There is no difference in the procedure for each platform. It can be done in the following ways:

  • Visit the Activision sign-up page.
  • Sign up by entering and confirming your email address.
  • Enter your Activision ID (the nickname that will appear in-game), as well as your first and last name.
  • Enter your date of birth and country of birth.
  • You will need to set a password and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the captcha has been completed, click Next.
  • You will receive an email from Activision Publishing once your account has been verified.
  • You can now play Modern Warfare or Warzone after verifying your account on Activision.

To make any changes to your profile settings, click your profile at the top right. In this section, you can modify your name, display image, and other details. From here, you can also link your social media accounts and console accounts.

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Fix 7: Verify the Modern Warfare 3 game files

In the case of a corrupted or damaged Modern Warfare 3 game file, PC players may encounter the Golden Enigma Not Unlocking in Zombies issue. With Steam, you can verify that the game files are authentic. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Visit your Library in Steam.
  • Choose Modern Warfare 3.
  • Right-click the game and choose Properties.
  • Click on Local Files.
  • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Fix 8: Reinstall Modern Warfare 3

You will only have one option left if these workarounds have not resolved the issue: reinstall Modern Warfare 3. It is also important that you delete the Modern Warfare 3 files and folders before reinstalling the game.

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix MW3 Golden Enigma not unlocking in the Zombies error. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or doubts. Also, make a note in your mind that these fixes are for a temporary period of time; you have to wait for the officials to provide a fix through a patch update.

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