My Galaxy S10 Has Freezing Touchscreen Problems! How to Fix It?

Samsung launched its anniversary flagship smartphones, Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus in late-February. Also, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G rolled out in South Korea. While these devices are excellent both in terms of design and technical specs, they are still presenting some issues. Many users, for example, complained that Galaxy S10 has freezing touchscreen problems.

In this article, we’ll show you how to address freezing touchscreen problems on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus.

First of all, you should note that this issue is either caused by physical damage or by software- or firmware-related glitches. In the former case, you would have to seek professional assistance from Samsung or your local phone repair store. However, in the latter situation, you can solve the problem by yourself by applying one of the solutions presented below.

How to Fix Freezing Touchscreen Problems on Galaxy S10

Inspect your device for physical damage

Sometimes, the freezing touchscreen problems on Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are due to a damaged touchscreen.

In case you see some evident signs of physical damages, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’ll have to replace the faulty touchscreen to use your new Galaxy S10 as usual. Unfortunately, that operation is costly and not every warranty would cover for it.

Go to your local Samsung Service Center and seek for assistance in that regard.


Remove the screen protector

In some situations, a faulty screen protector is causing freezing touchscreen problems, in particular, if you mounted one that is not original or compatible with Galaxy S10. Luckily, if that’s the culprit, you can simply tackle the issue by removing the screen protector.

Force restart

In case your phone present no signs of damage and the screen protector is clean and look alright, then the issue might be software-related. If so, the first solution is to force restart your device. Press and hold Volume Down and Power keys for about 10 seconds or up till the Android logo appears and then release the buttons. Permit the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone to reboot.

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Reset all settings

If your Galaxy S10 has freezing touchscreen problems, then you can reset all settings n your device. In case one incorrect setting is the reason why your touchscreen is freezing, then such an operation might fix it.

Here’s how to reset all settings on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus:

  • Go to Settings -> General Management > Reset Settings
  • Tap on Reset Settings
  • Enter your PIN, password, pattern, etc. to confirm
  • Tap again on Reset Settings in the new screen that appears

Use your phone in Safe Mode

Many times, a buggy third-party app might cause the freezing touchscreen problems on Galaxy S10. You can see if that’s the case for you too by using your phone in Safe Mode. Here’s how to enter Safe Mode:

  • Turn off your Galaxy S10 smartphone
  • Hold the Power button key and release it when the SAMSUNG logo appears on the display
  • Right away, press and hold the Volume Down button
  • Hold that key until the smartphone restarts, and the Safe Mode text appears in the bottom left corner

If in Safe Mode the freezing touchscreen problems on Galaxy S10 is gone, then a third-party app is the cause of it. You can try uninstalling any suspicious apps.

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Factory reset your Galaxy S10


Before performing this task, back up your personal files since this method will delete everything n your smartphone, including apps, documents, vids, images, and so on. Here’s how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10:

  • Power off your phone
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Bixby keys for a couple of seconds, and then press and hold the Power key without releasing the first buttons
  • Release the keys once the Android logo appears to enable Android System Recovery
  • With the Volume buttons navigate on the list, and go to “Wipe data/ Factory reset”
  • Access the sub-menu and select “Factory Reset”
  • Confirm the selection
  • When the factory reset ends, “Reboot System Now” appears on screen
  • Select to restart your Galaxy S10

If the before-mentioned did not help you fix freezing touchscreen problems on Galaxy S10, remember to contact Samsung or visit your local Samsung Service Center for assistance.

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