Netflix To Introduce New Cheaper Mobile Only Plan In India!

Netflix is one of the most famous but at the same time most expensive VOD (Video On Demand) streaming services in India. Its main rival, Amazon Prime Video has specially introduced cheaper plans for the country. Even other online streaming service providers like Spotify etc. have reduced their prices for Indian markets.

Even the cheapest plan for Netflix costs ₹500 per month, which according to the average income of an Indian is still expensive. Well according to the news online, the new plan Netflix is testing will cost ₹250 per month, which is half from the current cheapest plan. Still, in comparison, Amazon Prime costs ₹129 per month and includes other services like Amazon Prime Music, Prime Delivery, etc, and Hotstar costs ₹199 per month. There are even cheaper offerings like ₹49 per month from Zee5, and MX Player is available for free of cost.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that “We will be testing different options in select countries where members can watch Netflix on their mobile device for a lower price and subscribe in shorter increments of time. Not everyone will see these options and we may never roll out these specific plans beyond the tests.”. So, do take this news with a pinch of salt as nothing is final yet.

Since the launch of Jio, India has seen a massive rise in the number of internet users and the amount of data they use. According to a report, an average Indian uses 12 GB data per day, in which around 65-75℅ data is used in streaming videos online. If Netflix manages to finalize and launch this new plan, it would surely help them increase their consumer base in India.

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