No Man’s Sky Best Fighter Ship 2024

In this guide, we will discuss the best fighter ship in No Man’s Sky for the year 2024. No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game developed by Hello Games, which is known for its vast and procedurally generated universe. The game offers over 18 quintillion planets to explore, which are generated procedurally, and you can engage in space battles in addition to exploring space and different planets.

Having a spaceship is essential to travel to many exoplanets in the game. Therefore, finding the best ship is crucial for your journey. The spaceship is the most important aspect of the game, as it allows you to move between different galaxies and planets and transport loads of things to different planets. However, the ships are classified into different types, such as Fighters, Haulers, Explorers, Shuttles, Frighters, Exotics Living Ships, Solar Ships, and Sentinel Ships. Therefore, you need to find the best S-class ship that suits your day-to-day needs.

No Man's Sky Best Fighter Ship 2023

No Man’s Sky Best Fighter Ship 2024

Within the vastness of space, players can discover and pilot an impressive array of starships, each with its own unique design, capabilities, and potential. No Man’s Sky has the best ships in S class. So if you are looking for the best ships for your gameplay, the S-class ship is just made for your needs.


A tank due to its enormous size in both size and inventory, Starship can hold up to 48 base storage spaces which is the most in all the available ships currently. This Starship is the option for players as even if this ship is not the fastest, this ship is the most lethal 0one. So, when you fight against pirates you need some of them and you can update your inventory too. Here is the  range of inventory for Haulers are

Small 25 to 31

Medium 32 4o 39

Large 40 to 48

Even after all that, the Haulers can not give good damage to the enemies but they can be used for storage purposes during the initial phase of the game.


As the name suggests, the Explorer ship is the one you would want in all your needs. This ship excels in everything that players will need while traveling across space and the ship also has the option to max out its storage. Here are the things that you can do to max out your ship.

Small – 15 to 19

Medium – 20 to 29

Large 30 to 38

You can find explorer ships in any Korvax system in the game from Space stations, freighters, and outposts. The best thing about the Explorer ship is that it costs only 12% of the total thrust during launch but other ships cost 20 to 25%.


You have built your planets and now you want to triumph over all the planets around the world. That is where this ship comes into the picture. If you are not someone who loves mining and exploring planets but you want to triumph over other Planets. This Fighter ship has increased base damage due to the presence of Rocket launchers. Apart from the launchers, the Fighters also provide shields to its users while in combat. Fighters can handle 6-7 enemy ships at once during the battles.

For Fighters, you can use these sizes of inventories.

Small – 15-19

Medium – 20 – 29

Large – 30 – 38


A beginner-friendly ship that gives players a start while they are in the Initial phase of their journey in No Man’s Sky. This ship is very similar to the Haulers. These are not recommended for the end game or during critical combats. You will always need fighters and explorers while dealing with enemies. The range of the inventory of these ships is as follows.

Small 18 to 23

Medium 19 to 28


This is the last ship on our list of the No Man’s Sky. The ship is found in the rich economic system that comes with specific bonuses for damage shields and the price range is between 10 to 15 million dollars. The only bad thing about this ship is 15 to 20he range of this ship is only 15 to 20, which can be upgraded to 25 in later stages.


This brings us to the end of this guide for No Man’s Sky Best Fighter Ship 2024. We have listed the best ships for your initial stages as well as the final combat stages of the game. You can use these ships to store inventories and also use the fighter ship to win over other planets. You can choose your best ship from these S-class ships.

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