Troubleshoot Not Charging Problem on Elephone [Quick Fix]

The smartphone comes with promising configurations today which promises a good level of performance. With a lot of features and good choices of apps getting multiple things with a smartphone is really easy. This high usability of smartphones is what made it more popular among users today. But all these improvements took away the battery life of today’s smartphones. This has lead to the need to charge the devices often. But the same time many devices faces the issue of slow charging. In this guide, we will help you to troubleshoot not charging problem on Elephone devices, please read through to find out.

Troubleshoot Not Charging Problem on Elephone

Steps to troubleshoot not charging problem on Elephone devices

The slow charging issue can be a really annoying issue for a lot of users. Stay connected to a plug point is something not possible. For a device to get reliable enough, it should charge fast whenever the user wants to move out with the device. A slow charging device will be hard to charge on emergency situations and will end up dead and useless in the user’s hand. We are talking about slow charging and not about battery draining issue in this guide. A complete guide to fix battery draining issue on Elephone is discussed in another article.

A slow charging issue can mostly be the cause of a hardware issue and not a software issue. In some cases, if the battery is damaged you will have to get technical assistance to fix this issue. This doesn’t mean that all such issue need a technical assistance. In some cases, you can solve the issue by yourself easily. Here are some steps you can do to try fixing the slow charging issue on Elephone devices.

Check your charger

Broken chargers are the cause of a majority of slow charging issues. So the first thing to check is whether the charger is working good or not. You can do this by using the same charger with another device. If you found out the charger is having an issue you are advised to replace the charger with a new compatible charger.

Clean the charging port

Slow charging can also occur if your charging port is filled with dust and dirt which makes it unable to create a good connection. You should be really careful while charing and should not physically damage the port.

I hope this guide was helpful to Troubleshoot Not Charging Problem on Elephone. Please leave a comment if you have any queries or feedback. Enjoy!

Device Name Device Name Device Name
Elephone A1 Elephone G1 Elephone P4000
Elephone A2 Elephone G2 Elephone P5000
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G3 Elephone P6000
Elephone A2 Elephone G4 Elephone P6000 Pro
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G5 Elephone P7000
Elephone A4 Elephone G6 Elephone P8000
Elephone A5 Elephone G7 Elephone P9000
Elephone A5 Lite Elephone G9 Elephone P9000 Lite
Elephone PX Elephone Ivory Elephone R9
Elephone P11 Elephone M1 Elephone S2
Elephone U2 Elephone M2 Elephone S2 Plus
Elephone U2 Pro Elephone M3 Elephone S3
Elephone A4 Pro Elephone M3 Pro Elephone S7
Elephone A6 Mini Elephone P6i Elephone Soldier
Elephone A8 Elephone P6s Elephone Trunk
Elephone C1 Elephone P7 Elephone U
Elephone C1 Max Elephone P7 Mini Elephone U Pro
Elephone C1 Mini Elephone P8 Elephone Vowney
Elephone C1x Elephone P8 Pro Elephone Vowney
Elephone E04 Elephone P8 Mini Elephone Band 5
Elephone P8 Max Elephone P8 Max Elephone P10
Elephone P8 3D Elephone P8 3D Elephone P11
Elephone P9 Elephone P9 Elephone P10c
Elephone P9c Elephone P4000 Elephone P2000
Elephone P3000 Elephone P10 Elephone P3000s

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