Fix: OkCupid Not Showing Likes, Matches, or Messages

OkCupid is one of the leading dating networks globally, with millions of active users between the ages of 25 to 40. Unlike others, OkCupid can be used on your phone and your computer, making it so much more convenient and accessible. OkCupid has been in the industry for over ten years and, in that time, has definitely managed to build a name in the field.

OkCupid has a huge advantage over the other applications in that it challenges you to answer questions with which the system automatically calculates your compatibility with other users and automatically sorts them. In addition, the questions have closed answers, and you can put in input explanations.

But unfortunately, some users have complaints regarding different issues, such as the application not showing likes, matches, or messages. Well, although OkCupid is based on AI and you do not have to control these things, after brainstorming with the error, our team found some fixes that may help you fix if OkCupid is not showing likes, matches, or messages. So, let’s get started with it.

Fix: OkCupid Not Showing Likes, Matches, or Messages

How To Fix OkCupid Not Showing Likes, Matches, or Messages

We have tried our best to provide you the better options so that you can easily fix this particular issue. So, make sure to follow them carefully. Therefore, let’s get started with it:

  1. Firstly, try restarting the OkCupid app on your device. 
  2. Now, try clearing the cache data of your application.
  3. Check your privacy setting inside the OkCupid app. 
  4. Make sure that you are not banned from the OkCupid app.
  5. Double-check if your internet is working properly. 
  6. If you are not able to see more matches, make sure the looking-for settings are set properly. 
  7. Still, no luck? Try to log out and log in to your OkCupid account. 
  8. Go to your settings page and under the Privacy Reset your passes.
  9. Make sure you are not avoiding their terms and conditions.
  10. Reinstall the application on your device.
  11. Try contacting the official support team.

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix if OkCupid is not showing likes, matches, or messages. We hope that the above-mentioned worked for you. But, in case you still have any doubt, comment below.


  1. I got the notification of receiving new messages. However, whenever I click on all, ur turn or new matches. It will state that I hv all catches up which I am not🥺🥺🥺

  2. Hi, I’ve all of a sudden stopped receiving messages. I’ve deleted a whole load also and still nothing coming through

  3. I’m having a similar problem. I would match with someone but their profile wont show in my message stack. 5 matches in a 30min span and only 1 of them showed in my message list. Usually they all go straight to your message list so you can talk to them. I ended up resetting my phone and only 3 of the 5 matches Id made, appeared in my message box. But overall its like how can I chat with who I matched with if the app doesnt show them in my message list.

    Also I noticed that my email doesn’t get all of the notifications. It will only sporadically send an email notification despite the app settings prompting notifications for email. I dont keep my phone notifications on because it will send a lot of spam. But in emails its like sometimes I get them, sometimes they send nothing despite getting messages and matches when im not on the app. I cant rely on emails. I have to physically check the app to see whats going on and even that glitches. So its like you have little to no proof that things are glitching, because you dont even get the appropriate email notifications. OkCupid has been on a spiral the last year, due to all of these bug issues and glitches.

    I would see profiles repeat in the stack over and over. Or have profiles ive disliked, come up again after like 5 swipes. Ive had to close and reopen the app multiple times. Also the likes and Superlikes that you REALLY have, dont translate to the amount thats listed. Its show you that you have 3 superlikes and like 80 regukar likes or something. But when you swipe, youll see like 7 superlikes (some from a month ago) and 200+ matches. So id have waaayyy more superlikes and likes than it says I have. Even after refreshing it and seeing if it updates. Defeats the purpose of a premium subscription if its not showing who all matched with you.

    When you cant message your new matches (because theyre not showing up in the message stack) thats a huge deal. It prompts consumers to use other dating apps.

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