Is OnePlus 6 Waterproof device? Is the Weather Protection Really Worth It.?

In this article, we will explain whether the OnePlus 6 Waterproof device! If yes, is weather protection on the device really worth it?

It’s been some time since the premium flagship OnePlus 6 is out in the public.  It is of flagship-grade and packs the best of features. Yet there is an important feature that is missing on OP 6. We are talking about the IP Rating. OnePlus devices usually come without IP rating. The latest OnePlus 6 follows this route as well. Though the OEM claims OnePlus 6 Waterproof is really effective but up to what extent..? In this post, we will take a glance at the OnePlus 6 water resistance mechanisms and how safe is the inside of the phone.

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Below you can see the screenshot of the OnePlus 6 specifications taken from an E-commerce site. OnePlus mentions of weather protection and at the same time jokes about not taking the phone to swim. This itself clears the fact that the device has protection against minimal encounters with water. Too much water may not be good for the device’s health.

Is OnePlus 6 Waterproof device? Is the Weather Protection Really Worth It.?

Now OP 6 doesn’t have an IP rating yet it has substantial protection defending it from water contact. All the entry point of the device is coated with a rubber mesh protection. The headphone jack, the USB charging socket have a rubber coating surrounding at the connection point. Again the backside of the speaker is having a water protection thin sheet.


According to certain experts, OnePlus 6 is on par with other smartphones that come with IP rating for water resistance.

OnePlus 6 also has water damage indicators, that will help confirm the device came in contact with water. These damage indicators are white in color and they turn red when they come in contact with water. One of such indicators is preset at the USB charging port and another at the SIM card tray. Again the SIM tray itself has a thin film of rubber coating on the edges to resist water, which is quite good.

The OnePlus 6 released in May 2018. It comes in two variants with 6 and 8 GB  RAM respectively. Complementing the RAM, the device storage also has two variants of 64 GB and 128 GB.OnePlus 6 is having a 5 layer of glass body design. Again the phone has a 6.28-inch AMOLED display with 2280 X 1080 pixels resolution. OP 6 camera section packs a really powerful 20 MP +16 MP vertical dual camera on the rear end. It also has a 16-MP front face camera. The camera has features like OIS, super slo-mo and portrait mode. Out-of-the-box OnePlus 6 runs on OxygenOS Android v81. Oreo. OnePlus 6 will also get Android P in the coming days.

The bottom line is OnePlus 6 can handle a small rain drizzle and similar instances. It may not really go well if the phone is subject to heavy rain or falling in deep water bodies. We believe OnePlus has made good defensive mechanism against water damage at various points in the device. In its next device, we hope OnePlus gets a valid IP rating too like other flagship grade devices do.


Also, those who use OnePlus 6 as of now, what is your take on the OnePlus 6 waterproof. and the phone not having an IP rating..?! Do you think the rubber mesh coatings are enough for the device’s safety against water..?!

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