OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem. How to Fix it? [Failed error/blurry picture]

Here in this brief but useful guide, we will cover how to fix OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem like Failed error/blurry picture, etc. If you’re a OnePlus device user or wants to buy the new OnePlus 7 Pro handset, follow the guide properly. As some of the OnePlus devices are facing this kind of issue and maybe in the future, OnePlus 7 Pro users can also find the same issue. The camera error can cause for various reasons like camera lens or hardware issue or software bug as well. Sometimes, after updating the new system software version, some devices conflict with system resources.

Steps to fix OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem [Failed error/blurry picture]

Whether it may be camera settings or lens issue or software issue as well. Here we will share all the possible and most common reasons and fixes of OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem [Failed error/blurry picture]. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Poor Camera Quality

Check if the problem is present on your device camera settings. If you have selected the low picture resolution in the camera settings, obviously you will get the picture quality accordingly. Set the image quality to Standard or High for better image results. That’s necessary.

OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem. How to Fix it? [Failed error/blurry picture]

2. Try to Clean Camera Lens to fix OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem

if your device camera lens isn’t working properly or delivers blurry images or videos, try to simply clean the lens. You will better results for sure. However, opening and cleaning the back camera lens isn’t too easy. If you’re not able to clean it by yourself, do this by going to any mobile repair shop.

3. Enable Image Stabilization (If any)

In order to get a good quality of rear videos, make sure that the image stabilization option is enabled and used by the system properly. Otherwise, you may get blurry or shaky video footages every time.

4. Try to clean or replace the Screen Protector

Sometimes, we may get some dull or blurry images and videos on our devices. Most of the times, smartphones come with factory-fitted screen guards or protectors which may cause the blurry display issue. Make sure the screen guard is clean and clear to get a transparent view. Otherwise, you may get blurry view due to the matt-finish screen protectors.

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5. Avoid Zoom Settings (OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem)

Most of the times, we prefer to use zooming the camera lens for depth view. This may show you the clear view on your display, but after capturing the image or video, it will come blurred. Try to avoid using the zoom option to maintain the standard image quality. It often degrades the picture and the video quality which we can also notice sometimes.

6. Check your OnePlus 7 Pro Device Storage

In case your device is having limited storage space, the system will try to store pictures by compressing the quality or size. Therefore, you may not get an expected image quality after clicking the photos. It can be another OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem.

7. Focus on Object or Human Properly

Not properly focused camera image can cause blurry images. Enable autofocus mode or tap to focus mode before clicking the pictures.

8. Turn on Night Mode or LED Flash

The darker environment or low lighting conditions can cause blurry or darker images than expected even from a powerful camera lens. Try to Turn ON the camera flashlight in such cases. It’s highly recommended to activate the Night Mode on your OnePlus 7 Pro which will do the job perfectly.

9. Keep Up-to-date your device Software

If your device model gets software updates from the company officially. Try to update all those versions properly. The latest stable firmware updates with camera and system improvements can fix so many camera related issues completely. If your device camera application also shows some error, try to reset your camera settings to default. hopefully, this may help a lot.

10. Do A Factory Reset to fix OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera problem

Finally, Factory Reset can fix the image error or blurriness completely. In order to do this:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in your device.
  2. Tap on Backup & Reset option.
  3. Now, tap on Factory Data Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset phone.
  5. Finally, tap on Erase everything > wait for the system to complete the reset process and your device will reboot.
It will erase all your device internal data, messages, Google account, installed third-party apps, games, etc.


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