Always On Display To Finally Arrive on OxygenOS Confirms OnePlus

OnePlus has gotten into one of the best smartphone displays territory, especially with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The device sports a beautiful QHD display with a 90Hz refresh rate that is meant to spoil users and they will think twice before using a 60Hz screen. However, one thing that has been common for the past couple of years if the usage of OLED panels on the device’s screen. But even after using OLED panels for displays, OnePlus has always shied away from bringing a useful feature called Always On Display. This has been raised several times by the users, but OnePlus has always come up with a reason stating that it is draining more battery than expected.

However, now going by the recent development, it seems that the AOD (Always on display) is finally going to make its way to the OnePlus devices. As per a recent tweet by the official Twitter handle, OnePlus’ Gary C confirmed that the much-requested AOD feature has been tested successfully and is included in the future OxygenOS roadmap. Check out the tweet below:

Users of OnePlus should note that there is no clarity on when this feature will make its way on the OnePlus smartphones or which are the phones that are going to get this Always on Display feature? But, if we run our brains and try to reason with this, OnePlus started using OLED panels with the OnePlus 3 and since these devices can sport AOD without any battery drain, we guess that all the devices from OnePlus 3 and above should get this AOD feature via an update. But, this is merely a speculation and this information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

This new feature is likely to be made available first via the OxygenOS beta update withing the OnePlus Laboratory before it is rolled out in a stable update. We will keep you posted if any further developments are made in this regard.

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