OnePlus Watch Common Bluetooth Problem and Solutions

We all know about the OnePlus but did you ever think about how it became so great in a very short time, or what is success mantras behind the oneplus brand are to make your business outshine the rest with these strategies? Well, the overall credits go to their marketing team and a huge loyal fan base. So it is not wrong if we say that OnePlus is now compared to one of the most top brands, such as Samsung and Apple.

But are they really good enough to compare with these two giants? This is a bit controversial because now it is regular since users are getting errors on the OnePlus device. For example, the recently released OnePlus Watch is facing a lot of criticism because many users find that there are many common Bluetooth problems that occur in the OnePlus Watch. Well, I also have a OnePlus Watch and getting the same issue.

But now I’ve successfully fixed this issue. So, if you are also looking for some fixes, you are landed on the right place because today, here we will explain how to fix OnePlus Watch common Bluetooth problems. So, let’s directly get started with it.

OnePlus Watch Common Bluetooth Problem and Solutions

How To Fix OnePlus Watch Common Bluetooth Problems

There are some common issues and fixes that will surely help you to fix the Bluetooth related problems. So, make sure to follow them carefully. Therefore, let get started with it.

  1. Sometimes, the OnePlus Watch won’t get paired with our smartphone. So, if that’s the case, then rebooting both your Phone and the Watch might help you make a connection between them again. 
  2. If your smartphone isn’t able to find your Watch, then it is suggested that you should disable and re-enable your Bluetooth on your smartphone. Many users reported that this helps them to discover their Watch on their smartphone. 
  3. Many users also reported that the connection between their OnePlus Watch and Phone gets disconnected automatically. If that’s the case, then make sure that your device is compatible with your Phone. This generally occurs when both devices aren’t compatible with each other. 
  4. Also, there were cases in which users reported that they were not receiving the notification on their Watch. So, to fix this, you have to check if you haven’t turned off the notification on your Watch. In addition, it might be possible that this is happening just because of software related issues. So, you can also check if there is any new software update available for your device or not.
  5. However, if the connection keeps fluctuating, then make sure that the distance between your Phone and Watch will not be more than 10m. 

Sum Up

So, these were some common issues and solutions that you can try in order to make your OnePlus Watch work properly. We hope you find this guide helpful. Well, if we forget any other Bluetooth related issue, then let us know in the comment section. We will try to add that in further updates. 

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