How to open the bamboo gate in Pikmin 3

Nintendo has released a real-time strategy and puzzle game called ‘Pikmin 3‘ that has been developed and published for Nintendo Switch & Wii U platforms. It’s a sequel to the GameCube games Pikmin and Pikmin 2 which was launched back in 2013. Now, plenty of players have started searching online about the steps that How to open the bamboo gate in Pikmin 3 game. If you’re also one of them, check this article to quickly unlock the bamboo gate.

Though the solution is skeptical enough, it’s expected that the players will eventually get access to a Pikmin type that will allow them to skip this obstacle in the gameplay. It’s worth mentioning that there are multiple obstacles or gates (sand gate, glass gate, electric gate, bamboo gate, etc) available in the gameplay that players need to open which is another interesting feature in this strategy and puzzle video game.

How to open the bamboo gate in Pikmin 3

Where do you find Pink Pikmin in Pikmin 3?

As opening the Pikmin 3 bamboo gate is mandatory at a certain level or condition in the game, players will require to find out the Pink Pikmin (Winged Pikmin). Now, if you’re eagerly waiting whether the Pink Pikmin can be found? Then don’t worry.

In a simple line, you’ll find the Pink Pikmin in the Twilight River which will be available in the 4th level of the game. Although not everyone can’t find the Pink Pikmin quite easily due to the 4th type of Pikmin, players can easily unlock it by simply building a bridge over the river at the start of the Twilight River and defeat a spider.

Once the player can do it, the Pink Pikmin will be permanently available throughout the game.

How to open the bamboo gate in Pikmin 3

Coming to the point, to open the bamboo gate in the Pikmin 3 game, players need at least 10 Pink Pikmin in their squad which is also known as Winged Pikmin. Once players have those Pikmin in their squad, they can go to the bamboo gate and throw the Pink Pikmin at the gate. The Pink Pikmin will lift the bamboo gate into the air and allow players to easily pass under it.

The Pikmin 3 bamboo gate is slightly different than other gates in the Pikmin 3 game. Most of the gates will be opened permanently after destroying them. But the bamboo gate is an exception here and players can’t actually destroy a bamboo gate. So, holding the Pink Pikmin and recall their Pikmin once get through from the bamboo gate. Without the help of Pink Pikmin, players can’t pass through the bamboo gate.

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. For further queries, feel free to ask in the comment below.

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