Can We Watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a popular video game console among children and teenagers. Moreover, kids can use it as a portable and home console since it is a hybrid console. Standard buttons, analog sticks, and much more are embedded in Nintendo Switch, giving you the perfect gaming experience.

This particular video gaming console has its operating system. It enables you to install and play online games through a wireless network. However, the console was not always a gem. The developer has spent many years perfecting its design and performance.

Suppose you are considering having a Nintendo Switch for your kids. In that case, you must have the latest eight generations since it can compete with other popular gaming consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, not every time kids want to play games, they also want to watch their favorite show on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is a perfect handy video game console, which seems to be a good device to stream your kid’s favorite show. Therefore, you want to know whether you can install famous streaming services on the Nintendo Switch and start streaming. This article will discuss whether you can install streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus on the Nintendo Switch.

Can We Watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch

Can We Watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch provides an eShop app, which is like an app store in general. Here, you can download some popular games for Nintendo, and major apps, including only a few streaming services.

However, Nintendo Switch is not ideal for a streaming device. Because there are only a few streaming services that you can have installed, and these services are not that popular. If you want a streaming device, a smartphone, tablet, or PC is much better than Nintendo Switch.

You won’t even get Netflix in Nintendo eShop to download. The only streaming service you can install is HULU and Youtube. Youtube is great but doesn’t have content like Netflix and Disney Plus.

If by now, you are wondering whether you can install Disney Plus on your Nintendo Switch. The answer is no. There is no way to install Disney Plus, Netflix, or any other third-party streaming services not in Nintendo eShop.


Disney Plus is a great app for kids’ entertainment. Disney Plus app lets you access any Disney TV and movies on demand. However, it’s too unfortunate that you won’t be able to have it in your Nintendo Switch. There are pictures on the internet showing Disney Plus in Nintendo. Either those pictures were a hoax, or new updates will come.

In any case, there are no updates currently, and there is still no sign of the Disney Plus app in the Nintendo eShop. Therefore, please assume that Nintendo Switch is not ideal for your kids to watch Disney Plus content. Better if you hand them a smartphone or a tablet, both Android and iOS devices support the Disney Plus app, and they can start streaming.

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