Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and More

Path of Exile is an exciting game, and the kind of gameplay it offers makes people crazy.  In this game, people are exiled to the ruined land of the Wraeclsat from the island nation of Oriath. In this game, you are destined to guide your Exile on their way back home. Witch and Ranger are one of those Exile. There are various exiles built into the game, with different weapons and attacks. In Path of Exile, selecting the best armor for your character is crucial for maximizing their effectiveness and survivability.

Each class in the game, including the Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and more, has unique strengths and playstyles that require specific armor considerations. By equipping the right armor, you can enhance your character’s damage output, defense, and utility. In this article, we are going to discuss the best armor for the builds of the Path of Exile game. Path of Exile is full of surprises, and you can not expect anything before reading about it.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and More

Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and More

In Path of Exile, each class possesses different attributes and specializes in specific types of combat, making it necessary to select the armor types to maximize potential. Whether players are unleashing powerful spells, striking with precision, or enduring brutal physical onslaughts, the choice of appropriate armor significantly enhances a character’s survivability and offensive capabilities.

Ignite Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist

This is all-in-one armor that you should choose when you have a Witch with you. This can be leveled up with proper investment. Here are the things you will be getting in this armor set.

Helmet: The Blizzard crows ignite stronger when you deal more flat damage. You just have to deal with the flat damage as much as you can, as the Elementalist does not care about the type of damage that you are dealing with.

Body Armor: The basic armor but with 30+SS is just enough for any threat.

Gloves: The Ekdrith-influenced gloves are best for you if you are low on budget and still want high performance. This is very good for you to deal high damage.

Weapon: A bow with +3 attack speed and a source of light damage.

Lighting Strike Omni

A strong build armor for your heroes and especially when added with crystalized Omnisense to reach hundreds of Elemental penetration. The best thing about this armor is that it syncs with your heroes well. This helps you in dealing with anyone at ease.

Helmet: The Black Sun Crest is single-handedly the best armor helmet you can get for your heroes. Though this is not always used when used, it can give 45% Omni in a single slot.


Body Armor: This can help you in picking up lots of life and spell suppress. However, this is very good in eliminating the aliments altogether.

Gloves: These gloves give you a +2 strike skill. As this one will unlock the double dipping.

Weapon: A claw is a weapon that can be used as a triple elemental weapon and deals with high critical damage.

Shield Crush

This armor is a complete meta build. This can be used by anyone of the champion. This looks tanky and does enough critical damage when you build it properly.

Helmet: This armor helmet is not just a helmet; it is your life. This also reduces the Mana Cost of attacks through the Eldrith Implicits.

Body Armor: To get the best protection from the damage you have to upgrade it to level 24 to bring its damage to the next threshold.

Gloves: A pair of Sinistral Gloves as any shield build. This will get you much speed and suppression as possible and will increase the life resistance.

Weapons: This is the kind of weapon that you would not wanna choose normally, as this will grant you a lot of attack speed. With 100% accuracy even while your hero is in low life.

Corrupting Fever Reap

This is the most powerful meta build, and it looks tanky as well. This gets geared so quickly and looks like a boss when your hero owns it.  This is able to defeat most of the enemies. This gives your champion a survivability boost helmet.

Helmet: The synth base aura effect is the specialty of this helmet. And if you are unable to find this aura effect, you can go for the strong Eldrith Effect.

Gloves: This is the best for the champions that pick up a bunch of spell suppression and deals more damage as well.

Weapons: A 2+ wand with great damage and attack speed that you can choose for your heroes. So if you want something speedy this is best-suited armor for your heroes.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch

Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch

Witches majorly rely on spells and elemental magic to deal damage, making them formidable ranged spellcasters. They are experts in inflicting elemental damage, utilizing elements such as fire, ice, and lightning. Witches also have the ability to summon minions or cast curses to weaken their enemies. With this knowledge, we can now explore the best armor options that complement the Witch’s strengths.

Energy Shield-based armor is a natural choice for the Witch due to her affinity for spellcasting and intelligence-based skills. Energy Shield serves as a protective barrier, absorbing damage before affecting the Witch’s life pool. High Energy Shield values on armor provide increased survivability against elemental damage and critical strikes.

One of the notable Energy Shield-based armor choices for the Witch is Shavronne’s Wrappings. This unique body armor offers a substantial Energy Shield and allows the Witch to preserve life instead of mana for casting spells. This opens up opportunities to utilize powerful auras while maintaining a low-life pool.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Ranger

Ranger excels in ranged combat and is an expert in utilizing bows and projectiles to strike enemies from a distance. She relies on agility, swift movements, and precise attacks to outmaneuver foes and deal devastating damage. The Ranger’s primary attributes, dexterity, and evasion, make her adept at evading enemy attacks.

When it comes to armor, evasion-based choices are a natural fit for the Ranger. Their high dexterity and focus on evasion as a defensive mechanism make this type of armor ideal for them. Evasion allows the Ranger to effectively dodge incoming attacks, mitigating damage without heavily relying on armor or energy shield. By opting for armor with high evasion values, the Ranger’s survivability is significantly enhanced, as her chance to evade enemy hits increases.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Marauder

Marauder majorly excels in close-range melee combat, wielding two-handed weapons and delivering devastating blows to foes. He relies on high health and physical damage mitigation to endure the rigors of close-quarters combat. The Marauder’s primary attributes are strength and endurance, making him a tanky and resilient class. With this understanding, we can now explore the best armor choices that complement the Marauder’s strengths.

Strength-based armor is the natural choice for Marauders due to their emphasis on raw power and physical damage. Strength-based armors provide increased health, armor rating, and damage mitigation against physical attacks, making them ideal for the Marauder’s melee-centric playstyle.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Duelist

Combining elements from the Marauder and Ranger classes, the Duelist blends brute strength with agility and finesse, creating a formidable hybrid capable of excelling in various combat styles. Whether wielding dual weapons, utilizing two-handed weapons, or even demonstrating prowess in archery, the Duelist’s versatility knows no bounds. With the ability to inflict both physical and elemental damage, they have multiple armor options to unlock their true potential.

To optimize the Duelist’s capabilities, it is essential to strike a balance between armor and evasion, effectively utilizing both defensive attributes to mitigate incoming damage. Embracing a hybrid armor and evasion-based setup provides the Duelist with a well-rounded defense, enabling them to endure the onslaught of both physical and elemental attacks.

Path of Exile Best Armor For Necromancer

The Necromancer excels in summoning and commanding minions, utilizing a wide range of spells and abilities to bolster their undead army. They rely on their skeleton minions to deal damage while the Necromancer supports them with curses, auras, and additional offensive or defensive capabilities. With this knowledge, we can explore the best armor options that complement the Necromancer’s playstyle.

Energy Shield-based armor is the best choice for the Necromancer due to its focus on intelligence and spellcasting. Energy Shield serves as a protective barrier, absorbing damage before affecting the character’s life pool. High Energy Shield values on armor provide the Necromancer with increased survivability against both elemental and physical damage.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Path of Exile Best Armor For Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and More. Choosing the best armor for a particular class is crucial to enhance its capabilities and survivability. There are multiple armors that are available for the different builds, but if you have Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Necromancer, and other champions builds, this article only mentioned the best of that armor that you can have.

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