How To Get A Perfect Animal Capture in Warframe

In this tutorial, we will help you in getting a perfect Animal Capture in the Warframe game. This third-person action game is set in a sci-fi world where you command the helm of the spaceship and embark on space combat. Gun down all your enemies, find every survival essentials, and look out for heavy weapons and forge your spaceship in the best possible manner. You could also play in groups, assemble them onto your ships and gather wreckage and explore the drifting ruins. These are just some of the interesting things that you could try out. There are countless others too.

One among them is the missions and challenges that the game comes with. In this regard, capturing animals is something that is there since the Fortuna update. With the game getting regular updates, the Plains of Eidolon remaster now allows the capturing of animals in the plains too. As of now, a Nightwave Challenge is going on. In this, Nora Nights wants us to get a perfect animal capture in Warframe for a total of six times. Doing this is no easy task. However, with the tips we are about to share, this activity could be dealt with at ease. With that said, let’s begin with the tutorial.


How To Get A Perfect Animal Capture in Warframe

If you are looking to complete the Nightwave Challenge, then you will have to get your hands on some perfect animal captures. But what exactly is a perfect capture? Well, in Warframe, it refers to when you can track and capture the animals without he or she can get any hints of your existence. They shouldn’t be able to feel your presence or even sniff you out in any way possible. In other words, they should be completely aware of your motives for a capture.

In this regard, you should try and use a Warframe that has excellent health capacities. Well, there are quite a few of them, including Loki an Ash, but Ivara is best suited for this job. This is because she has a pretty long duration of Invisibility. This, in turn, will help you out in getting more time to remain hidden from the animals. Furthermore, there is another reason why she might prove to be useful in this mission.

animal capture


The thing his, Ivara has a Sleep Arrow at her disposal and this weapon will prove to be extremely useful in this quest. When you fire a sleep arrow, the animals will take a direct hit and will lose consciousness for some time. This will also not interfere with your perfect rating, so you should remain worry-free in this regard. Furthermore, to track these animals, you should take help of their droppings. For that, the Tranq Rifle will come in handy. When you get equipped with it, you should see all the dropping locations being marked on the map, usually with a small blue icon.

Now you have to visit that place on the map and interact with them. Follow the markings until you reach the animal nests. You could then make full use of Echo Lure for that particular animal. But what benefit does it bring with itself? Well, these Echo could be used to lure and attract animals, and as soon as they approach near you, it’s time to go invisible.


But do so pretty quickly, if they get even a slightest of the idea that someone is around the corners. It is for this reason that we had suggested Ivara. Due to her long invisibility durations, she could easily remain hidden from animals for a very long period. Furthermore, some of the animals might take even a minute to arrive, and Ivara could be the only character that could survive this long duration of hiding.

Keep an eye on the map as well. You should see the animals approaching anytime soon. When you notice this, move in their direction slowly and then use the Tranq Rifle to make them lose their consciousness. The floating robots should then do their job. When that happens, you have done a perfect animal capture in Warframe. Before rounding off, we would like to throw some lights on or two important points.

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Other Important Tips



To begin with, you might see some animals like Pobblers traveling in groups. Doing a perfect animal capture in groups isn’t possible, you could only do so on a single animal. The reason is if you try to capture one from among the group, the other animals in the group will get a hint or two of your presence. Even though they might not be able to see you, they still have a pretty strong sniffing power. In this regard, you could try and use the stealth frame or pay close attention to your environment, like the grass and leaves lying around. All this will give an idea of animal approachings.

We have mentioned that the Tranq Rifle and Echo Lure will come in handy in doing a perfect animal capture in Warframe. But where can these be obtained from? For the unawares, both of them could be purchased from The Business at Fortuna, or Master Teasonai at Cetus. If you hunting on the Plains of Eidolon, then you wouldn’t require the Echo Lure. It is mostly used if you wish to try out this mission in the Orb Vallis, which is better suited for this challenge.


With this, we conclude the guide on how to get a perfect animal capture in Warframe. Do keep in mind to use the Ivara character due to her long invisibility durations. Likewise, you should also make yourself equipped with Tranq Rifle and Echo Lure. Both of them should come in handy in completing this Nightwave Challenges. On that note, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks that you will find equally useful.

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