How to Turn on Performance Mode in Fortnite

Fortnite has a new performance mode with which the game is more optimized, and users can take advantage of features such as high FPS and low lag in the game itself. The new performance model is in the testing phase but still works like a charm to boost the fps and smooth gameplay. Here’s how you can use it on your PC.

Gamers, especially competitive players, would do anything to gain more fps in games. Apart from overclocking your CPU and GPU, you can turn down all visual effects to Low presets. This can help to gain more fps for buttery smooth playback. But sometimes, when running older and weak hardware, it becomes inadequate, especially when running something like intel or AMD integrated GPUs.

To fix this, Fortnite has a performance mode that can help you dial things further down to crank some more fps. Although this feature is in the Alpha stages(initial testing phase), it works.

How to Turn on Performance Mode in Fortnite

What is performance mode?

Performance mode in Fortnite enables the player to reduce visual effects that consume many system memory and resources like CPU and GPU usage to get more FPS. This performance mode can help you to increase the gameplay since all animations will be buttery smooth. If you wonder whether it can help me become a better player, the answer is yes and no.

Because better framerates can help you play games better when you compare playing with fewer fps (like 50 to 60), some researches, especially the one by the Linus Tech Tips channel, proves this. When in competitive gaming, the extra frames can help your brain make many responsive decisions instead of playing with lower frame rates. Here’s a link to the video if you want to see it. But first, let us explain how you can enable the performance mode in Fortnite.


Enable Performance mode from Settings


Follow these steps to enable performance mode in Fortnite.

  1. Go to settings in the game.
  2. The setting you should look for can be found under Video > Graphics Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Graphics.
  4. Find Rendering Mode options under it.
    How to Turn on Performance Mode in Fortnite
  5. Click on it and select  Performance (Alpha).

That’s it now. Your game should run smoother when compared to before.

A note on Performance mode

The performance mode comprises visual quality for the sake of pure performance. Hence you should only enable this option if you don’t care about the eye candy or the visual quality. So if you are a competitive player looking for ways to increase some FPS without spending too much on upgrading your rig, this performance mode can help you achieve it. You can disable the same anytime. So you can turn back the things to more eye candy when you are playing casually or connected to a power adapter. Assuming you are running it on Laptop.


So as you can see, enabling the performance mode in Fortnite is very easy. Especially since it’s baked right into the menu or settings, this feature can be helpful if you want to game on the go or if you have to use the integrated GPU to save some power. Also, this feature can help to reduce heat output since its running with lower resources. So when you are using a laptop and don’t have a way to plug it in, this performance mode can help you have a smooth and longer gaming session.



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