Pet Simulator X Quest Egg 1 Value

Are you seeking the most current and accurate value for Pet Simulator X Quest Egg 1? So right now, you are at the right place. We have the up-to-date Roblox Pet Simulator X price list for you. Get to know the Pet Simulator X Quest Egg value!

What is Quest Egg 1?

An exclusive egg in Pet Simulator X is Quest Egg 1. It is a highly sought-after item because it is hard to come by and can only be acquired during limited-time events. It can provide you with exclusive pets after being hatched.

Pet Simulator X Quest Egg 1 Value

For the Normal version of Pet Simulator X, a Quest Egg 1 is now valued at 2,500,000,000 diamonds.

Remember that prices are always changing, and you can observe significant fluctuations in value each time a new update is released.

Pets Obtained from the Quest Egg 1

M-10 PROTOTYPE, with a 99.9% hatch rate, and Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE, with a 0.1% hatch rate, are the two pets in Quest Egg 1. For 400 Quest Points, you can get Quest Egg 1. Over time, it’s possible that more pets may be put into the egg, resulting in the release of “Quest Egg 2” and so on.

How to get Quest Egg 1?

Now you may want to know where you may get the Pet Simulator X Quest Egg 1. It can be obtained from the Quest Shop, released on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

How are the Pet Simulator X values calculated?

The Pet Simulator X values are based on various factors, such as suggestions from skilled traders with high RAP, community comments, player booths inside the game, and the in-game RAP price.

Everything is measured in diamonds (gems). Since it is no longer necessary to use the “Pet Value” metric.

Other Exclusive Pet Eggs in Pet Simulator X

A complete list of every exclusive pet egg released in the game so far includes:

  • Exclusive Egg 1 (Toyline Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 2 (Capybara Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 3 (Elemental Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 4 (Neon Twilight Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 5 (Anime Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 6 (Titanic Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 7 (Balloon Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 8 (Glowstick Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 9 (Meme Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 10 (Dominus Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 11 (Hologram Egg)
  • Exclusive Egg 12 (Crystal Egg)


Pet Simulator X is a virtual pet game where players may adopt and raise virtual pets. Quest Egg 1 is a highly sought-after item. You may buy this exclusive pet egg with Robux from the exclusive store. It can hatch into one of six diamond mine update pets, each with a different worth and rarity. Obtaining Quest Egg 1 should be high on your list of priorities if you play Pet Simulator X.

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