How to play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks

Microsoft’s Windows 11 comes with the support of a mobile gaming feature in which every Windows 11 user can play Android games on the PC. But the feature is not released yet, and it’s in beta mode, but not to worry, You can play your favourite game like Disney Twisted Wonderland on the Bluestacks app on your PC. Here we have all the detailed information about playing Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks.

Disney Twisted Wonderland is the first-ever mobile game with original characters, including villains, inspired by the original storyline and visual effects. The developers Aniplex of America, with the help of renowned Magna artist Yana Tobosco made the game more exciting and engaging with authentic flavours. As mentioned above, it is a mobile game, but many people want to play it on PC. Previously it was hard to play mobile games on your PC but not anymore.

How to play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks

How to play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks

Mobile gaming is booming nowadays. Every developer wants to launch their game in the mobile version to target maximum audience and popularity, but not everyone has a compatible device. If you are also one of them or love to play games on a PC or big screen, you may install the Bluestacks on your PC. However, Disney Twisted Wonderland has many features, character cartoons, and series like Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, Aladin, etc. Moreover, the storyline with voice actors with subtitles makes the game unique from other games in this genre.


Blucestaks is a popular emulate or app used to play other cloud-based cross-platform games for Windows and Mac users. Now with Bluestaks, you can play Andriod games on your system. Also, it contains more than 2 million free Android games covering almost every genre. Moreover, from the Bluestacks, you can access the Google play store and install the Disney Twisted Wonderland or any game available in the play store. After that, you can play the games on your PC.

Click Here to Download BlueStacks

Features of Bluestacks

  • Game Controls -One of the premium features is the gaming control as the Android games are touch supported, and it’s hard to play in your system. The Bluestack supports Keyboard, Mouse, and gamepad to play the Android game on your PC. Also, you can share your controls with other users, and the controls are easily customizable.
  • Multi-tasking – You can play any game with multiple accounts also easily switch to the next screen for multi-tasking.
  • Translation -You can change the game language to your native language in real-time. So with Bluestacks, language is not a barrier to playing any game.
  • Eco Mode – Eco mode optimizes your system and drops the CPU uses by 87%, helping to reduce the chance of dropping framerate.

How to Play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Your PC

  • Open the Bluestacks webpage from the above link and install the setup file in your system.

  • Now go to the download section and then install the Bluestacks.
    How to play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks
  • Wait till the installation process of Bluestack is complete.
  • Next, click on the Play Store icon from the top left corner and sign in with your Google account credential.

  • Then search and install Disney Twisted Wonderland on the search bar of the play store.
    How to play Disney Twisted Wonderland on Bluestacks
  • After installing the game, go to the home screen of Bluestack, open the game, and play.

Once you install the Disney Twisted Wonderland game in Bluestack, you can easily play it with the internal mapping available. Once you run the game for the first time, Bluestack will automatically map your keyboard keys to game controls.


Here are the steps to Play Disney Twisted Wonderland in Bluestack. In some cases, it is possible that Disney Twisted Wonderland is not available in your region. In that case, you can install the APK file from the game’s web then install it to your system. For example, Bluestack has an option to install the game from the APK file on the right side menu.

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