How to Play as Omen in Valorant

Valorant has multiple characters in-game that the player can choose to play with. While most of these characters are simple and easy to play with, Omen is one of the characters that’s fairly hard to master playing with. Omen is one of Valorant’s characters, being one of the difficult characters to learn in the game too. Omen is part of the Controller category of Agents, which means that there are several effective magic tricks up his sleeve.

There are a few abilities of Omen that’ll prove extremely helpful against fights. In this guide today, we’ll quickly go through these abilities of Omen, what they are, how they work, how to use, when to use, and how they’ll prove helpful in certain situations. So if you still want to master the abilities of Omen, then read on as this guide will prove helpful. Without any further ado, let’s look at how to play as Omen in Valorant.

How to Play as Omen in Valorant



Using this ability will send out an ethereal shadow. This shadow will travel in a straight line, hitting any enemy in its path. Enemies hit by this ability will be nearsighted, blinding their sight to see longer distances. When they’re hit with this ability, they’ll only be able to see things very close to them, which is only with a few feet distance. This opens up a great opportunity for you in instances where you’re out in the open.


Shadow Walk is basically teleporting. This doesn’t mean you can teleport to wherever you want. Of course, you can but only to a shorter distance. So don’t think you can dematerialize from one end and appear at the other. This ability will come in handy at instances where there are areas that are hard to reach. If you’re stuck behind cover and the enemies are rounding you down, this ability will help you turn the table around.

Using Omen's Shadow Walk ability in Valorant


Using this ability will make Omen release an orb that explodes into a sphere of shadow at the location where it is thrown to. The better the charged throw, the longer will the orb go. This ability is extremely useful when you’re out in the open. If you think you’re being aimed by multiple enemies, throw the orb into place, confuse them, and go all out on them with an element of surprise.

Using Omen's Dark Cover ability in Valorant

Ultimate Ability


From the Shadows is pretty much similar to the Shadow Walk ability that we discussed earlier above in this guide. This is simply teleporting to anywhere on the map. The key here is to teleport to a map location where there is no enemy. Upon arrival, Omen initially appears as a shade and you’ll return to the initial/original location if you’re killed. After the teleportation, you’ll be incorporeal for a short time, returning back to the original state after this short timeframe.


Summing up our guide, we’ve come through 3 of his normal abilities and 1 of his ultimate ability. As we’ve discussed how effective each of these abilities are, they’re all good for each other, better against one another in situations that favour these abilities, and all unique in their own ways. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.


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