Poco is Addressing the Poco X2 Battery Drain Issue, Requests Users to Share Bug Reports

The Poco X2 is one of the most compelling budget Android smartphones. It comes with a combination of excellent silicone and hardware for a price that only few other OEMs can match. Of course, it did take the company over two years to release another device after the OG Poco F1. Furthermore, the Poco X2 isn’t even an upgrade to the Poco F1 and is a completely new device.

It’s been a few months since the device debuted and some users are have shared concern over the Poco X2 battery drain issue. There are several reports of the Poco X2 battery drain issue on multiple forums and on Twitter. Users are claiming that the battery runs out fairly quickly even without intensive usage.

Poco X2

Fortunately, Poco seems to have caught on to the user complaints and are now requesting users to share bug reports. This information comes via a Tweet from C Manmohan, General Manager of POCO India on Twitter.

In the tweet, Manmohan states that internal testing has found no irregularities with the battery. Therefore, it is likely that the Poco X2 battery drain issue is a result of a software bug. Within the four-part tweet, he has also shared a few steps users must follow to share the bug report/log files via the Feedback app.

If you’re facing the battery issue on your Poco X2, then you can follow the steps below to share the bug reports from your device with Poco.

Important: Before sending the bug reports, double-check to make sure you’re running the latest version of MIUI available for the Poco X2. This is version 11.0.7 of MIUI for Poco.

  1. Set the display refresh rate to 120Hz.
  2. Charge your device to 100% and use it as you do daily until the battery drains (Note: make sure you’ve enough battery to take a bug report)
  3. Take a bug report by typing *#*#284#*#* in the dialer application.
  4. Now set the display refresh rate to 60Hz and then follow steps 2 and 3 again.

Sharing your device’s bug reports will allow the team over at Poco to find the root of the problem. In case, the Poco X2 battery drain issue is actually the result of a software bug, users should expect an OTA update to arrive soon. However, if there’s an issue with the battery unit on your device, you may have to visit a service center.

Till the time Poco narrows down the cause of the problem, users will sadly have to live with the battery drain issue. Such problems are common and do affect other devices from different OEMs as well. Usually, these issues are fixed with an OTA update. In the meanwhile, you can check out top 5 Battery Health Apps to Save Battery on Android, How to Solve Battery Drain issue on MIUI 11, and How to boot Xiaomi Poco X2 into safe mode.

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