How to Post Photos On Instagram From Your PC or Laptop

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that exist. It is increasingly similar to Facebook or Snapchat and has been gaining the essence of social network for photographers. Where the quality of the photo is the main thing, with its traditional relationship 1: 1 aspect.

Unfortunately from our PCs, in the browser, we can only see our profile or that of other users. Without having the option to publish new posts with our photos on the platform. Well, now we can finally publish our photos on Instagram from the PC thanks to these methods detailed below.

How to Post Photos On Instagram From Your Pc

Publish your photos with Chrome extension

As always we must go to the Chrome Web Store to download the extension for the browser. This app is called Photo uploader for Instagram. That as its name implies, allows us to upload the photos to Instagram from the PC in Chrome. In addition, the operation of this extension is as simple as you can imagine. Since once installed we just have to click on its icon to start doing magic.

When entering our Instagram account through Google Chrome we can upload the images by clicking on the icon of this extension. Once pressed, the file explorer will open so that we can choose the image to upload to our account. Once selected click on next and publish the image as is. An interesting improvement that has been added in the latest version of the extension is that we can also upload the images directly to Instagram Stories.

In this way, we can also publish photos in these stories, which have become one of the most popular features of the app. So, you no longer have to be with your mobile phone and sending the photo to it to publish a photo from the computer, since with this extension the process becomes completely autonomous.

Using Chrome developer tools

  1. From Chrome, you have to enter the three points that appear in the upper right margin of the browser and go to More tools. Once there, choose Developer Tools.
  2. When you click on this option, a series of codes will appear in the right margin and a small icon of a tablet and a smartphone will appear above them.
  3. You must press there and that way you get access directly to the mobile version. (In other words, you will be browsing from the computer as if you were doing it from a mobile device.)
  4. Instagram must be written in the address bar, and enter with the username as usual. And you will see that a photo icon will appear at the bottom. This will allow us to upload photos on the site.

Using Safari:

Open Safari, then go to Preferences > Advanced. Tick the box that reads Show Develop menu in the menu bar. Then open a new tab and click on Develop > User-Agent > Safari – iOS 12.1.3 – iPhone in the menu bar.

Then open up and sign in with the login credentials. The page will load up, and you will see the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, just like the way you see it on your phones. Tap on it and select the picture you want to upload. You can even apply filters and finishing touches right from Safari.

However, once you are done with it, set it back to the default settings menu, or else every other site that you browse will also load up with the mobile view.

Scheduled uploads:

What if you don’t want to upload right away but set a timer for the upload? Maybe it is a day of special occasion. Even for that, there is a scheduling tool called OneUp. OneUp even lets you upload the same photo together for multiple Instagram accounts.


Connect your Instagram account onto your PC using the login credentials. Then inside the tool, you will see an option that reads schedule post. Click on it, and you will be taken to a screen where you will see the number of accounts logged into the tool. Select the Instagram account you want to post to then. Select a picture to upload and add the description accordingly with the use of hashtags or whatever that pleases you. Then you can choose to upload it right away or set a specific date and time for the upload.

OneUp allows a user to upload a picture without a fuss anytime he wants by planning ahead in terms of weeks and even months. It even allows users to use not only just hashtags(#) but also simple tags(@) in the description. Additionally, we also get support for scheduled story uploads right from the desktop or PC.

That’s it! I hope you have successfully enabled Instagram From Your PC where you can upload photos, videos or even watch Instagram stories or write comments.


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