PSU Fan Up or Down: Which Way Should the PSU Fan Face?

PSU is an important part of a PC build. It controls the power of the system and keeps it from experiencing any kind of short circuit or other accidents. A good quality PSU can extend the life of your PC components. However, there is an active about the PSU. The burning question is which way should the PSU fan face? PSU Fan Up or Down.

There are multiple ways of mounting the PSU in your cabinet. Most of it depends on the placement of your PSU shroud. In this article, we will go over both ways of placing the PSU fan. The conclusions and choice can be your personal.

Which Way Should the PSU Fan Face?

Best Way to Position the PSU

The primary motive of the PSU fan is to keep your system cool. The default way is to put the PSU fan downwards. Most cabinets are designed so that the PSU fans will face downwards. This done to make sure that it sucks in cooler air from outside, and sends the hot air from the PSU fan, outside the system. This maintains a cooler temperature in the cabinet.

This logic and reasoning has been questioned a lot. This is mainly done to keep the PSU fan down, and minimize the voice that the fan makes. It has also been found that facing the PSU fan down makes the system more efficient by maintaining lower temperatures. This makes the components more efficient.

It is important to note that if you do not have vents or cuttings on the bottom of the cabinet, the airflow will not be very good. It will keep the temperatures in the cabinet high.

What if You Put the PSU Fan Upwards?

There are multiple situations where you should put the PSU fan facing upwards. If your cabinet does not have any vent on the bottom, it is best to face the PSU upwards. In some cabinets, mostly old models, have a metal plate at the bottom for more support. If you face the PSU fan down, it will not help. It will increase the temperature inside your cabinet.

If your cabinet has one of those plating, it is best to face the PSU fan face upwards. Putting the PSU fan up will help take the hot air in the cabinet out, and then throw it out of the cabinet to be replaced with cooler air.

However, if you have an open bottom cabinet, you mount the PSU fan facing downwards for better performance.


PSU is an important part of the PC because it supplies power and helps in keeping it cool. It is important to understand the properties and dimensions of your cabinet. Whatever it supports, do that with your build. We hope this article solves your confusion about PSU fan up or down.

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