All PUBG Mobile Error Codes and their Fixes

Often, you are in a great mood to play PUBG Mobile with your friends. However, as you are all set and launch the game, instead of the game, you get an error message. Also, if you have noticed well, the error message has a specific code number with it. Most of us don’t really bother much about it and which is correct. We simply want to play our game with all the focus. Well, to make things convenient for you, in this guide we will talk about these PUBG Mobile Error codes.

Yes, we will be talking about the various error messages based on their respective code numbers that show up on the mobile version of the popular Battle Royale game. So, let’s get started.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Ping problem?

Why Do the Errors Happen and Why the Code.?

The errors in PUBG Mobile can happen due to various issues. Either it is a connectivity issue or there can be some problem in the hardware of the device. Also, there may be some issues with the application in the form of bugs or glitches.

The code or the number associated is an easy way to list the error so that it’s the respective solution can be obtained. Usually, the error codes are 9-digit. So, after going through this guide, you will be able to understand the reason behind the error and how you can fix them easily.

PUBG Mobile Error Codes: Meaning and Solution

Let’s check out the various errors and what exactly they mean.?

Unknown Error: Please Restart Your Device: error Code 154140716

This error may show up due to issues with the internet or in the DNS. You may also see this error with different code numbers 556793874 and 555024384. Some may get this error message if they are playing a version of PUBG that is of some other country(not global). Though having a VPN app and setting it to the corresponding country can work. 

However, there are high chances that you may get a small few days of ban from the game for not using the appropriate global version of PUBG Mobile.


As mentioned above we have to fix the internet/DNS to solve this issue for good. Simply restarting the device may not solve the issue. You can try to change the DNS of your network and replace it with Google DNS or Open DNS.


  • Google DNS | |
  • OpenDNS | |

Modifying the DNS

For an Android device,

  • On your phone go to Settings app > WiFi
  • Long press on your network that you use for the gameplay
  • There should be an option to Modify Network.
  • Under IP Settings change the status to Static
  • Now, enter the GoogleDNS or the OpenDNS in both DNS 1 and 2.

Disable Wi-Fi

Check if the network issue happens when you connect to Wi-Fi. If you find this issue to be true, then simply get rid of the Wi-Fi. Connect to your respective cellular data and now you should be able to play games easily.

Unknown Error: Please Restart Your Device: error Code 556793879

This issue may happen due to certain ad-blockers, old cache files,  anti-virus apps, etc. So, you need to deal with these and of course, try restarting your device.

Clearing Cache

  • Go to Settings > App & Notifications > See All Apps
  • Go to PUBG Mobile, open it
  • Tap on Storage & Cache 
  • Now tap on Clear Cache and Clear Storage

Remove Anti-Virus Apps

I always wonder why on earth people need to install anti-virus apps on Android devices. If you use any Android device from a reputed OEM, all you need to do is timely install the security patch released by Google. You need to see the number of malware, vulnerabilities Google detects every month and hence the monthly patch.

Sometimes in the name of promising features, dubious apps masking as anti-virus would try to get unnecessary details of your device. Also, it won’t allow proper running on any executable application. So, it’s better not to use these. So, uninstall any Anti-virus you have installed on your Android device.

Disable Ad-blockers

Of course, we don’t like ads popping up every now and then on any webpage while we are surfing the webspace. These plugins may also stop any ad-based content on the game. So, the game as whole crashes as the specific page in the game is designed to show ads on the user interface. So, disable or bid good riddance to the ad-blockers

Now, you can restart the device and launch PUBG Mobile. It should work just fine.

Error Code:554827799 Update Download failed. Please make sure you have a Stable Connection

As the name suggests, you get this error while installing the game for the first time or installing an update to the existing build. if you get this error message, I suggest you stop or remove installing and re-install the app from scratch. However, make sure that there is a stable internet connection available.

Error Code: 554827783 Internet error. Please check your network & Try Again

Once again it’s the issue of the unstable network that doesn’t allow you to connect to the online server. You will see the screen stays hanged with a clock symbol. As much as you try to refresh, the screen won’t budge and in the end, you may get this error message.

So, check with your network service provider. Use other apps like YouTube or Facebook to check whether pages are refreshing to the latest content or the page stays stuck at one point. Contact your service provider for more details.

Also, personally, I have noticed, using a VPN while playing the game causes the internet to slow down. Hence, you can get the same error. So, try to switch off your VPN, close the PUBG Mobile app. Then re-launch it. Now, it should work.

Installation Failed. Please try again or Check the Device Storage. Error code: 555745297

As you may guess, due to the unavailability of storage space, you are not able to install the game. So, you need to go to your device Settings or any native or third party file manager present in your device. Then you have to check for the clutter files that you do not use and remove them.

First check how much space does the game requires for installation. Then check how much is available on your device.

  • Go to Settings > look for the Storage option. tap on it.
  • There should be an option to free up space.
  • You can even manually go to various folders like music, videos, images and remove the files that you do not need.
  • Then try to re-install the PUBG Mobile from the Play Store.


Always stick to authentic and official sources to download applications. Though there are third-party sources that host APKs, you may also install malware along with APK. So, stick to the official Play Store source and download your choice of APK.

The Selected Server may have A Higher ping Error 

One of the most notorious errors is the high ping in a particular server. It is a nightmare for those players who are pushing rank in let’s say Asia server or Europe server. So, not being able to play on their server affects their gameplay progress for that server.

I personally chase ranks in the Asia server. So, I religiously stick to it. When the game shows high ping error, I feel really irritating. You cannot match-make or do anything. Everything will get sluggy. So, let’s discuss that and how we can overcome the issue.

What is  High-Ping.? Why it Happens.?

The concept is fairly simple. When a lot of gamers or users access and try to sue a server, the server cannot hold all these requests at once. Hence, we see an unresponsive interface that is controlled by the server. So, we see the ping for a server goes way above 100ms.

100ms is the standard ping value which ensures good gameplay without any lag. If the ping value drops below 100ms, you will have great gaming experience. High ping in any PUBG server is usually marked by red color and you get the PUBG Mobile Error Codes with the message. A normal or good ping is shown with green color.


You can have dedicated broadband or LAN that you can use via Wi-Fi to have powerful and stable internet connectivity for your mobile to play PUBG or any game. Now, ping is pretty much dependent upon the server and the number of game matching requests it get for a particular time frame.

For added advantage, I suggest you close the applications that you do not need or the web browser that may be active in the background sucking in data. So, by closing them all your data will be consumed dedicatedly for the game. Hence, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Once again make sure not to use a VPN. See if the VPN is active, disable it.

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PUBG Mobile Error Codes: 55487832 Internet error. Please Check your Network and Try again. 

This error may also display the following codes. They are the same anyway.

  • Error Code 154140712
  • Error Code: 554762241
  • Error Code: 154140712

You may see this error message when trying to install an update to the PUBG build.

Avoid Public Network

This means try not to update the app while using public networks. Normally, a lot of people would be tethered to that network. So, you won’t be getting enough data which in turn may affect the installation of an update on your device.

Try out a VPN

If your native network is not working or you feel it the case is the same with all the apps you have installed on your PC, then try to use a VPN. Then check by launching the game.

Restart modem

Try to Disconnect and Reconnect the modem. This should normally fix up the issue in most cases.

Clear Cache and Storage of the Application

This same troubleshooting has been explained above. Please check out the steps.

Use Ethernet

Try to connect via Ethernet to have better connectivity. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting if you are already connected via Ethernet.

Reinstall PUBG

Keep this one as the last resort if everything else did not work for you. In most cases, you won’t have to uninstall it.

So, that’s it, guys. This was a detailed insight into the various PUBG Mobile Error Codes users face while initiating a gaming session. In case you do not know what exactly they mean and how to tackle them, I hope that this guide will help you out. Do check out our other guides on PUBG as well.


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