Quick Guide To Fix Koolnee Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

No doubt smartphones are getting advanced. With increasing phone users, the system tends to crash at some point and wifi problems are just the tip of the iceberg but annoying. Well, we understand that almost every other person in the world is connected to the internet via mobile data or wifi or both but the latter is cheaper and widely available which means it is far more penetrative and thus, has more users. But what happens when it suddenly stops working? Crashes randomly? Isn’t allowing connection for a particular device? Don’t you worry because GetDroidTips has your back in this Koolnee wifi problems how to fix troubleshooting guide.

Quick Guide To Fix Koolnee Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Quick Guide To Fix Koolnee Wifi Problems?

Check for intermediate issues

The first method to fix wifi problems on your phone is to verify if the problem is from your end or ISP’s end. For the latter, you need to check if there are any intermediate issues disrupting the wifi from working as it should. Pick up your phone and call the ISP to know and ask for help if needed.

Restart “Wifi” on your phone

Next stop is to verify if the issue is caused due to the phone or not. You need to restart the wifi or which is commonly known as ‘toggling’. This will automatically resolve any minor software-related issue caused when you tried to start up wifi in the first place.

Toggle flight mode

Airplane mode works in many network-related troubleshooting guides and in fact, it is one of the most recommended methods you’ll find here on GetDroidTips and others too. It works simply by disconnecting the device from any cellular and other networks including wifi where the latter is temporary and can be accessed even after flight mode is active. Simply toggle it twice or thrice and check if the wifi starts working properly or not.

Restart the router

Router crashes or disconnects transmitting signals to the router or the internet doesn’t work or shows “Limited” even after it is connected to the device. This is where you get close to the router and power it off. Keep it off for a few minutes before restarting it pressing the power button and you have it.

Restart the phone

If the router ain’t a problem, could it be the phone after all? You need to restart the phone to fix the wifi problems on your device since it is recommended and effective in many cases.

Check for any interference

Interference can play a vital role in causing the signal to wobble or become poor. It is a fact that radio signals that wifi routers transmit are subjected to suffer a loss of strength when it passes through walls or doors. This is why getting closer to the router or clearing obstacles in any or placing the router near the machine you are using is the right way to steer away from this issue.

Distance matters too

Depending upon the network coverage, you could access a router access point from as far as 40 to 50 meters and even more but in clear sight. But note that if there happens to be a wall or a door or window or building or even a person, the signal will suffer interference. If you are in a house and want to maximize the signal strength, get closer to the router or clear interference and place the router as if it is not too far and doesn’t have to face a lot of interference to reach out to you.

Adjust the antennas

Antennas aren’t just meant to be upright at a 90° to the router but they can be adjusted. For this, you need to check if adjusting the antennas brings richer signal strength on your device or not. You can zero-in to a specific setting after scrutinizing all others to get the best of the adjusted antennas.

Forget and reconnect

A lot of times it happens that you are connected to wifi and it drops or disconnects or doesn’t works or doesn’t even connects to the subjected wifi network for the first time. Here, you need to forget the said network and reconnect to it hoping that it will start working seamlessly.

Update the firmware (phone & router)

Your phone has a set of apps above a layer of firmware that enables it to work by enabling interaction between software and hardware components. The same goes for the router which has its own firmware too that you can find on the manufacturer’s website while the firmware update for smartphones is basically received within the Software Updates section on your device.

Fix for the specific set

All the methods explained above are for generic wifi problems on your device. But there is a specific set of wifi problems that you might have come across which informs a specific problem and not just vaguely disallows you to use the internet on wifi.

‘Authentication Failed’ error

One of the most plausible reasons behind it is that you entered the wrong password. For this, you’ll need to forget it and reconnect back to the said network. This might help fix the wifi problems right there.

Connection drops randomly/Wifi disappears entirely

It happens a lot where either the connection drops randomly whilst you are watching a cute video or your favorite TV series or anything. But sometimes, the wifi disappears entirely so that when you try to reconnect, it won’t just find a wifi network even though it is available right there. A quick reboot on your phone and the router must give you the resolution.

Wifi connected but no internet

It is particularly an intermediate issue that we have already discussed above. You can ask the ISP to look into this matter or you can try unplugging the router and plugging it back. This might fix the problem right there.

Poor internet

There are many probable causes behind poor internet. It could be due to poor signal strength, a lot of interference or the distance between the two machines is abnormally more than what it should be. Further, it is probably due to intermediate issues with the ISP or you might have run out of free usage or etc. You can use apps like Wifi Analyzer to find a wifi soft spot so that you can use the phone while in a soft spot.

Restore the phone

A lot of times it happens that the problem is just too persistent even though all the hardware components are working properly. This hints towards a bug or virus or a temporary software issue which isn’t getting away even after you took most of the troubleshooting measures prescribed above. This is why I saved the best for the last and it is often summoned as mother-of-all-fixes because it is one.

  • Step 01: To commence with it, firstly, turn off the device.
  • Step 02: Secondly, press the power button in order to turn on the phone and add ‘volume up’ button together simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Step 03: Now, you can leave the keys once the phone turns on and shows an Android logo.
  • Step 04: You need to proceed to the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option from the menu using the combination of volume rockers and power button since the touchscreen won’t work here.
  • Step 05: Finally, confirm the said action to proceed by selecting ‘yes — delete all user data’ from the resultant page and this must do the job for you.

The final resolution

This is the final bit of this Wifi problem troubleshooting guide where you need to report the problem to a nearby service center and preferably an authorized one to preserve warranty on the device. This is where you can get the phone officially scrutinized for issues and get it fixed.

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