Quick Guide To Fix Sony Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Android phones are truly amazing as it is designed to provide maximum features bundled together that offers the best user experience. Although it is powerful, it has its own issues such as Sony wifi problems which is profound across all Sony devices around the world. It is irritating when the wifi of your phone doesn’t connect or doesn’t respond and that’s what we have covered in this extract. Do you want to know how to fix Sony wifi problems? Well, we have the perfect guide to resolve these minuscule errors.

Quick Guide To Fix Sony Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Why my phone is unable to connect to an available wifi?
We tried to cover almost all of the wifi problems that an Android user could face in this extract and here are the details of ‘em all. Firstly, there can be intermittent issues with the wifi service provider which is the reason why you cannot access internet even after the wifi is connected. Other reasons could be due to inappropriate usage of IP address and DHCP/Static IP, etc. Furthermore, if you aren’t able to connect with a wifi network, it can be due to a minor software issue or due to firmware glitch or incorrect passwords, etc. These are few issues that we have covered in this extract but note that if you are having any other wifi problems, do check out this blog as these methods are truly multitudinous.

I am unable to connect to the wifi?
In this scenario, you tried to connect to the wifi but due to some unexplained reason, your phone wasn’t able to turn on the wifi. This is a common problem with Android smartphones and doesn’t require a rocket scientist to fix it. You can simply toggle off the wifi switch and wait for few seconds. Now, tap on the wifi again to turn it on, this will push the system to actually start the wifi and then, it will connect to the available network automatically.

Another problem related to wifi is that when you turn on the wifi, it connects to an available network but the internet doesn’t work. Here, you can either toggle the airplane mode or flight mode and check if the internet is working or not. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check if there is an intermittent issue with the service provider which is often a common reason. If everything is fine, you can just turn off the router and wait for at least 10 minutes before turning it on. This will fix some of the wifi related issues.

Obtaining IP Address, Authentication Problem, etc.
When you connect to a particular wifi network, a lot happens under the hood such as the phone will send an association request to the router. Then, the router will verify SSID and password and other details and then, obtain IP address finally allowing the phone to use the wifi. But in case if the phone is showing obtaining IP address for too long, the process has definitely hit a roadblock which could be anything from a hardware to a software issue. Now, take the phone near the router so that the signal is strong and that must allow the phone to connect with the wifi.

Another error is of authentication process which is quite self-explanatory. In case if you have entered a wrong password or SSID in case the network is hidden, the phone will show the error ‘Authentication Problem’. So, simply press on forget network and then, enter the credentials again to connect without any issues. Note that if you have paired your phone with too many wifi networks, it can lead to these types of problems. You can delete few of the entries in order to provide space for the new connection.

Reboot the device
Assume that you aren’t able to turn on the wifi due to any ‘xyz’ reasons on your Sony smartphone or if the wifi is connected, the internet is accessible and yet, you are unable to browse the internet, what to do? In such cases, rebooting the device is the quickest solution as it resolves such discrepancies as well as technical glitches with the wifi or firmware or any component that might be causing the conflict. Once you have rebooted the system, it will release formerly hoarded resources which is a most recommended solution to fix performance issues and well as a bunch of other technical glitches.

Update the OS
Next method revolves around keeping the phone updated with the latest firmware patch available for both phone and the router. Updating the firmware has its own benefits as it gives the phone a 360-degree protection against any potential bugs, viruses and other hosts that attract issues such as the one we are discussing in this extract i.e. wifi connectivity issues.

  • In order to update the OS, you must go to Settings on your phone.
  • Now, proceed to the ‘About Phone’ or ‘About Device’ option and tap on ‘Software or System Update’.
  • The phone will prompt the user to search for all available updates after which, the user can download it and install the same.
  • The whole process takes few minutes, however, it prevents many bugs and viruses and other error-causing irritants from escaping into the system.
  • The same goes for the router for which, you can check out for available updates on manufacturer’s website.

Reset the phone
If nothing works in your favor, you can reset the phone which is a proven and powerful method and the master of all fixes. Here are two methods using which, you can reset the phone.
Method 01: Using ‘Reset’ Feature
Every smartphone has a built-in reset feature that the user can utilize to reset the phone and fix all the errors and bugs that might have deteriorated the performance and processing of the phone as well as introduce an error with wifi connectivity.
Ensure that you take backup of all the data required before commencing with this procedure.
Go to the Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Reset the phone.

Method 02: Using FDR
This step requires the user to boot into recovery mode which he/she can follow using the given procedure.

  • Firstly, turn off the phone and press power button and allow the system to light up.
  • Now, press Volume Up or Down (based on the model) several times to enter into the recovery mode.
  • It’s time to select the FDR feature which you can do by scrolling through the menu using Volume Up or Down button and select the feature using Power key.
  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, ‘Yes — delete all user data’ that will put the system into FDR.
  • Once the process is over, reboot the system and there you have it, you have successfully outrun any potential errors.

Report it to the service center
For everything that you cannot understand or you cannot fix, there’s always a service center nearby where you can report the issue i.e. Sony wifi problems and get it fixed. Note that software-related issues can be easily fixed with any of the given steps or several methods combined but hardware issues need expert’s help since these devices are delicate and any wrong move can damage it further. Hence, if it is any hardware issue or any other issue which you cannot get rectified with yourself, report it to the service center. Also, report it to an authorized center if your phone is in stipulated warranty period quoted by the manufacturer which is usually between six months to two years based on the make and model.

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