How to Record Skype Calls on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

Today let me teach you how to record calls on Skype. Irrespective of whether you are using the video calling app from Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you can record your calls. You may wish to record a skype call you had with your dear ones as a memento. This is nothing new and a lot of folks who stay far away from their loved ones do this. Secondly, you may record Skype calls of your office meetings as a reference to show some manager or colleague.

I must tell you that whenever you start recording a Skype call the other participants will know about that. They will see a notification that the active call is being recorded. For a call to be recorded, both the users on each end must use Skype. You can record a Skype call when the call is active. If you or someone else in the conferencing call cuts the call, then the recording will stop.

How to Record Skype Calls on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

Record Skype Calls on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

Skype in its latest versions has provided the feature to record on-going video and audio calls.

Call Recording on Skype for Windows OS

First, let’s check out the process of call recording for Windows OS users. When you record a Skype call on Windows, it will be stored on the cloud storage of Microsoft by default.

  • Launch Skype on your Windows PC
  • Start a video conferencing call with someone [you can even place a regular audio call]
  • In the bottom right corner, click on More(three-dot button)
  • From the menu, click on Start recording
  • When you wish to end the recording, click on the Stop Recording option displaying on the top of the call screen.

Upon stopping the recording you will see a preview screen of the recording you just did of the call. Tap on the preview to get various options to save or share your latest Skype recording.

Record Skype Call on a Mac

This is pretty similar to what we did in the previous section.

  • begin a Skype call on your Mac
  • Then click the + symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • From the menu select Start Recording
  • At this point, every participant in the conferencing call will be notified that the current session is being recorded [this is to ensure that no one’s privacy is being infringed]
  • As you being recording there will be an option Stop Recording. Click on it when you wish to conclude your recording.
  • To save the recording, go to the Chat and click on the menu
  • Click on More Options > navigate to Save to Downloads and click on it to download the recording.

Recording Call on Android and iPhone

Now, let’s move on to Android and iOS devices.

  • Launch Skype on your Android/iOS device
  • Then from your contact select the Contact with whom you want to place a video or audio call
  • As the call begins tap on the three-dot button [at the bottom right corner of the screen]
  • From the menu tap on the Record button. [this white round button is the same on all interfaces]
  • Again as you begin the recording, your contact gets notification of the same.
  • The drill for stopping the recording is the same as every other platform.

As you stop the recording a small preview thumbnail of the recording will be created. Then you can download it to your device or forward it to someone else.

The process for recording the Skype call on Android and iOS devices are pretty much the same. If you have been noticing the process is similar on all the platforms, let it be PC or smartphones.

So, now you know how easy it is to record a Skype video or audio call on your Windows/Mac PC and Android or iOS. You do not have to use any third-party app to record the calls. Just use the inbuilt feature provided by Skype.

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