How to Recover the Content Present on Android Clipboard

The modern-day Android OS on smartphones is built to make things easier for users. One such aspect is the Android clipboard. If you are someone who texts a lot you must have used cut, copy and paste options on the Gboard. Do you know that all the recent text entries you copied to the clipboard remain there? Although if you make use of Paste option, you only see the latest text you have copied.

However, you can access a lot more of your copied textual phrases than just the recent one. In this guide, we have shown it how you can use the Google keyboard AKA the Gboard app and access your clipboard content. Not only that we will also tell you how you can keep any choice of your text forever in the clipboard. This will come in handy for those texts that you copy regularly. For example your email or Name etc. Let’s check out how to do it.?

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How to Access Copied Content on the Android Clipboard

We are taking about Gboard because it is a product from Google. So, naturally, it has the most number of users all around the world. The clipboard has worked really fine. In case anyone is not using Gboard, do give it a try. You can download the Gboard App from the Play Store.

Now, time to get into action.

  • Open any app that makes use of the Gboard.
  • Tap on the 3-dot button
    How to Enable Android Clipboard
  • You will now see various options such as Themes, Text Editing, Clipboard, Floating, etc.
  • Tap on Clipboard
    Android Clipboard Manager
  • Now you should see the various text that you had copied in the near past. It will be available as Pinned and Recent.
    Android Clipboard
  • To copy anyone of that as per your need, simply long-press on that fragment of text.
  • You will get the option either to Pin the fragment or delete it. Pinning will permanently keep the fragment of text on the clipboard.
    Android Clipboard Pin or Delete


It is important that you have enabled the clipboard on your Gboard App. If it is disabled, then anything you copy and paste will not remain on the clipboard. So, you cannot even see them later when you enable the clipboard.

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Other Alternatives

It is not mandatory as such to make use of the Gboard App. There are various other 3rd party apps that you may use to get the clipboard function. Make sure that whatever you download it must have good public reviews. Also, even if it is Gboard or any other Android clipboard app, try to download only from the Play Store. APKs from unknown sources are not really desirable for smartphones.

People often take this lightly and install APKs from any source. Try to avoid that.  Also make sure not to pin or copy-paste information such as passwords, phone numbers, ATM pins, etc over the Android clipboard. It can cause a security breach and your email ID or bank ID ma be compromised. We are not saying it happens all the time but there is always a possibility when it comes to sensitive information.

We hope that this guide was informative to you. If you felt the same, make sure to check out our other guides as well.

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