How to Enter Recovery Mode on Oppo Realme 2 [Stock and Custom]

Here we will guide on how to boot into recovery mode on Oppo Realme 2. Well, Recovery is an independent, lightweight runtime environment that is included on a separate partition from the main Android OS on all Android devices.

With recovery mode, you are able to perform a number of different functions that are useful to troubleshoot your Oppo Realme 2. If your device has simply become completely unresponsive and nothing else is working, recovery mode might be just what you need to get things going again. Recovery mode will be taken as the last step to resolve the issue on your device. There are few differences with Stock and a Custom Recovery, In stock recovery, you have the option to do a factory reset, clear cache, and run system updates. Whereas custom recovery will further allows you to take a system backup and restore, you can root quickly, flash custom ROM and mods in a minute.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Oppo Realme 2

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Oppo Realme 2

Here you can simply follow this guide to put your Oppo Realme 2 into recovery mode.

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  1. Turn off your device
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes
  3. Now press Volume Down + Power button simultaneously
  4. When you see the screen with Realme logo, release the button
  5. Your Oppo Realme 2 will boot into recovery mode

I hope this guide was useful to boot into recovery mode on Oppo Realme 2. 


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